Verb That Start With O

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Here are some verb base forms starting with O, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  1. Obey
    Definition: to follow or comply with a rule or command
  • I obeyed the law.
  • She obeyed the instructions.
  • They obeyed the orders.
  1. Object
    Definition: to express disagreement or disapproval
  • I objected to the proposal.
  • She objected to the change.
  • They objected to the plan.
  1. Observe
    Definition: to notice or watch something
  • I observed the behavior.
  • She observed the rules.
  • They observed the phenomenon.
  1. Obtain
    Definition: to get or acquire something
  • I obtained the information.
  • She obtained the permission.
  • They obtained the resources.
  1. Occur
    Definition: to happen or take place
  • I occurred to me.
  • She occurred to him.
  • They occurred at the same time.
  1. Offer
    Definition: to provide or present something
  • I offered the gift.
  • She offered the help.
  • They offered the deal.
  1. Offset
    Definition: to compensate or balance something
  • I offset the cost.
  • She offset the carbon emissions.
  • They offset the risks.
  1. Open
    Definition: to make something accessible or visible
  • I opened the door.
  • She opened the email.
  • They opened the store.
  1. Operate
    Definition: to control or manage something
  • I operated the machine.
  • She operated the business.
  • They operated the system.
  1. Optimize
    Definition: to make something as efficient or effective as possible
  • I optimized the website.
  • She optimized the process.
  • They optimized the performance.
  1. Order
    Definition: to arrange or command something
  • I ordered the food.
  • She ordered the supplies.
  • They ordered the troops.
  1. Organize
    Definition: to arrange or structure something
  • I organized the event.
  • She organized the files.
  • They organized the team.
  1. Orient
    Definition: to position or align something
  • I oriented the map.
  • She oriented the furniture.
  • They oriented the building.
  1. Overcome
    Definition: to succeed or prevail over something
  • I overcame the obstacle.
  • She overcame the fear.
  • They overcame the challenge.
  1. Oversight
    Definition: to supervise or manage something
  • I had oversight of the project.
  • She had oversight of the department.
  • They had oversight of the government.
  1. Owe
    Definition: to be in debt or have an obligation
  • I owed the money.
  • She owed the favor.
  • They owed the apology.
  1. Own
    Definition: to possess or have control over something
  • I owned the house.
  • She owned the business.
  • They owned the land.

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