Verb That Start With P

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Here are some verb base forms starting with P, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Paint
    Definition: to apply color or paint to something
  • I painted the wall.
  • She painted the picture.
  • They painted the furniture.
  • Park
    Definition: to leave a vehicle in a stationary position
  • I parked the car.
  • She parked the bike.
  • They parked the truck.
  • Participate
    Definition: to take part or engage in something
  • I participated in the event.
  • She participated in the discussion.
  • They participated in the project.
  • Pass
    Definition: to move past something or someone
  • I passed the exam.
  • She passed the ball.
  • They passed the legislation.
  • Pay
    Definition: to give money in exchange for something
  • I paid the bill.
  • She paid the salary.
  • They paid the taxes.
  • Pick
    Definition: to select or choose something
  • I picked the fruit.
  • She picked the flowers.
  • They picked the team.
  • Plan
    Definition: to make a detailed proposal or scheme
  • I planned the trip.
  • She planned the party.
  • They planned the strategy.
  • Plant
    Definition: to put a seed or young plant in the ground
  • I planted the garden.
  • She planted the tree.
  • They planted the crops.
  • Play
    Definition: to engage in activity for enjoyment
  • I played the game.
  • She played the instrument.
  • They played the sport.
  • Please
    Definition: to make someone happy or satisfied
  • I pleased the customer.
  • She pleased the audience.
  • They pleased the boss.
  • Plug
    Definition: to insert a plug into a socket
  • I plugged in the lamp.
  • She plugged in the phone.
  • They plugged in the computer.
  • Point
    Definition: to indicate or show something
  • I pointed to the sign.
  • She pointed to the mistake.
  • They pointed to the solution.
  • Polish
    Definition: to make something smooth and shiny
  • I polished the shoes.
  • She polished the silver.
  • They polished the furniture.
  • Pop
    Definition: to make a sudden, sharp noise
  • I popped the balloon.
  • She popped the corn.
  • They popped the champagne.
  • Portray
    Definition: to represent or depict something
  • I portrayed the character.
  • She portrayed the scene.
  • They portrayed the story.
  • Position
    Definition: to place or locate something
  • I positioned the chair.
  • She positioned the company.
  • They positioned the troops.
  • Possess
    Definition: to have or own something
  • I possessed the skills.
  • She possessed the knowledge.
  • They possessed the wealth.
  • Postpone
    Definition: to delay or put off something
  • I postponed the meeting.
  • She postponed the trip.
  • They postponed the decision.

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