Verb That Start With R

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Here are verb base forms starting with R, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Rain
    Definition: to fall or come down in drops of water
  • It rained yesterday.
  • The storm rained destruction.
  • The tears rained down her face.
  • Raise
    Definition: to lift or move something upward
  • I raised the flag.
  • She raised the child.
  • They raised the funds.
  • Reach
    Definition: to extend or stretch out to something
  • I reached the shelf.
  • She reached the goal.
  • They reached the agreement.
  • Read
    Definition: to interpret or understand written language
  • I read the book.
  • She read the sign.
  • They read the instructions.
  • Realize
    Definition: to become aware or understand something
  • I realized the truth.
  • She realized the mistake.
  • They realized the danger.
  • Receive
    Definition: to get or accept something
  • I received the gift.
  • She received the news.
  • They received the award.
  • Recommend
    Definition: to suggest or endorse something
  • I recommended the restaurant.
  • She recommended the book.
  • They recommended the candidate.
  • Record
    Definition: to write or store information
  • I recorded the data.
  • She recorded the song.
  • They recorded the history.
  • Reduce
    Definition: to make something smaller or less
  • I reduced the price.
  • She reduced the weight.
  • They reduced the risk.
  • Refine
    Definition: to make something more pure or precise
  • I refined the oil.
  • She refined the process.
  • They refined the design.
  • Refuse
    Definition: to decline or reject something
  • I refused the offer.
  • She refused the help.
  • They refused the request.
  • Regain
    Definition: to get something back or recover it
  • I regained the strength.
  • She regained the confidence.
  • They regained the territory.
  • Register
    Definition: to enter or record something officially
  • I registered the car.
  • She registered the business.
  • They registered the voters.
  • Regret
    Definition: to feel sorry or disappointed about something
  • I regret the decision.
  • She regret the mistake.
  • They regret the loss.
  • Reject
    Definition: to refuse or decline something
  • I rejected the idea.
  • She rejected the proposal.
  • They rejected the application.
  • Relate
    Definition: to connect or associate with something
  • I related to the story.
  • She related to the experience.
  • They related to the topic.
  • Release
    Definition: to let go or set something free
  • I released the balloon.
  • She released the news.
  • They released the prisoner.
  • Relieve
    Definition: to make something less painful or difficult
  • I relieved the pain.
  • She relieved the stress.
  • They relieved the pressure.
  • Remove
    Definition: to take something away or off
  • I removed the stain.
  • She removed the obstacle.
  • They removed the threat.

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