Verb That Start With l

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Here are some verb base forms starting with L, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Label
    Definition: to attach a name or description to something
  • I labeled the files.
  • She labeled the products.
  • They labeled the categories.
  • Lack
    Definition: to be without or deficient in something
  • I lacked the skills.
  • She lacked the confidence.
  • They lacked the resources.
  • Laminate
    Definition: to cover or encase something in a thin layer
  • I laminated the documents.
  • She laminated the photos.
  • They laminated the countertops.
  • Laugh
    Definition: to express joy or amusement
  • I laughed at the joke.
  • She laughed with her friends.
  • They laughed at the comedy show.
  • Launch
    Definition: to start or initiate something
  • I launched the business.
  • She launched the product.
  • They launched the spacecraft.
  • Learn
    Definition: to acquire knowledge or skill
  • I learned the language.
  • She learned the instrument.
  • They learned the lesson.
  • Leave
    Definition: to go away or depart from something
  • I left the room.
  • She left the country.
  • They left the company.
  • Lend
    Definition: to give or offer something for temporary use
  • I lent the book.
  • She lent the money.
  • They lent the equipment.
  • Let
    Definition: to allow or permit something
  • I let him go.
  • She let the dog in.
  • They let the opportunity pass.
  • Lie
    Definition: to be in a horizontal or resting position
  • I lay down.
  • She lies in bed.
  • They lie on the beach.
  • Lift
    Definition: to raise or move something upward
  • I lifted the weights.
  • She lifted the child.
  • They lifted the trophy.
  • Light
    Definition: to make something brighter or more radiant
  • I lit the candle.
  • She lit the room.
  • They lit the fireworks.
  • Like
    Definition: to enjoy or appreciate something
  • I like the music.
  • She likes the food.
  • They like the movie.
  • Limit
    Definition: to restrict or constrain something
  • I limited my intake.
  • She limited her time.
  • They limited the access.
  • Line
    Definition: to mark or edge something with a line
  • I lined the paper.
  • She lined the fabric.
  • They lined the road.
  • Link
    Definition: to connect or join something
  • I linked the websites.
  • She linked the accounts.
  • They linked the chains.
  • List
    Definition: to make a list or catalog of something
  • I listed the items.
  • She listed the tasks.
  • They listed the names.
  • Live
    Definition: to be alive or have life
  • I live in the city.
  • She lives with her family.
  • They live in harmony.
  • Load
    Definition: to put or place something on or in something
  • I loaded the truck.
  • She loaded the dishwasher.
  • They loaded the software.
  • Loan
    Definition: to give or offer something for temporary use
  • I loaned the money.
  • She loaned the car.
  • They loaned the equipment.

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