Verb That Start With M

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Here are some verb base forms starting with M, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Make
    Definition: to create or produce something
  • I made the cake.
  • She made the decision.
  • They made the mistake.
  • Manage
    Definition: to handle or direct something
  • I managed the team.
  • She managed the project.
  • They managed the budget.
  • March
    Definition: to walk or move with a steady rhythm
  • I marched in the parade.
  • She marched to the beat.
  • They marched in unison.
  • Mark
    Definition: to make a sign or impression on something
  • I marked the page.
  • She marked the target.
  • They marked the territory.
  • Match
    Definition: to be equal or identical to something
  • I matched the socks.
  • She matched the colors.
  • They matched the skills.
  • Matter
    Definition: to be important or significant
  • I mattered to my family.
  • She mattered to the team.
  • They mattered to the environment.
  • Maximize
    Definition: to make something as great or large as possible
  • I maximized the profits.
  • She maximized the space.
  • They maximized the efficiency.
  • Measure
    Definition: to determine the size or amount of something
  • I measured the room.
  • She measured the ingredients.
  • They measured the progress.
  • Meet
    Definition: to come together or encounter something
  • I met my friend.
  • She met the deadline.
  • They met the challenge.
  • Melt
    Definition: to become or cause something to become soft or liquid
  • I melted the chocolate.
  • She melted the ice.
  • They melted the metal.
  • Memorize
    Definition: to learn or commit something to memory
  • I memorized the poem.
  • She memorized the script.
  • They memorized the lyrics.
  • Mend
    Definition: to repair or fix something
  • I mended the tear.
  • She mended the relationship.
  • They mended the fence.
  • Merge
    Definition: to combine or unite something
  • I merged the files.
  • She merged the companies.
  • They merged the lanes.
  • Message
    Definition: to send or communicate something
  • I messaged my friend.
  • She messaged the team.
  • They messaged the public.
  • Migrate
    Definition: to move or travel from one place to another
  • I migrated to the city.
  • She migrated with her family.
  • They migrated to the new platform.
  • Mimic
    Definition: to imitate or copy something
  • I mimicked the accent.
  • She mimicked the behavior.
  • They mimicked the style.
  • Mind
    Definition: to be aware or concerned about something
  • I minded the gap.
  • She minded the baby.
  • They minded the rules.
  • Minimize
    Definition: to make something as small or insignificant as possible
  • I minimized the risk.
  • She minimized the damage.
  • They minimized the impact.
  • Mix
    Definition: to combine or blend something
  • I mixed the ingredients.
  • She mixed the colors.
  • They mixed the cultures.

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