Verb That Start With Q

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Here are verb base forms starting with Q, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Query
    Definition: to ask or inquire about something
  • I queried the database.
  • She queried the expert.
  • They queried the results.
  • Question
    Definition: to ask or inquire about something
  • I questioned the witness.
  • She questioned the authority.
  • They questioned the policy.
  • Quote
    Definition: to repeat or cite someone’s words
  • I quoted the phrase.
  • She quoted the author.
  • They quoted the price.
  • Quit
    Definition: to leave or stop doing something
  • I quit the job.
  • She quit smoking.
  • They quit the team.
  • Quicken
    Definition: to make something happen faster
  • I quickened the pace.
  • She quickened the process.
  • They quickened the response.
  • Quiet
    Definition: to make something less loud or disturbing
  • I quieted the noise.
  • She quieted the baby.
  • They quieted the crowd.
  • Quirk
    Definition: to have a peculiar or unexpected feature
  • I quirked my eyebrow.
  • She quirked her smile.
  • They quirked their behavior.
  • Quitclaim
    Definition: to release or relinquish a claim
  • I quitclaimed the property.
  • She quitclaimed the rights.
  • They quitclaimed the interest.
  • Quell
    Definition: to suppress or overcome something
  • I quelled the rebellion.
  • She quelled the fear.
  • They quelled the uprising.

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