Verb That Start With K

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Here are some verb base forms starting with K, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  1. Keep
    Definition: to retain or maintain something
  • I kept the secret.
  • She kept the door open.
  • They kept the tradition.
  1. Kick
    Definition: to strike or hit with the foot
  • I kicked the ball.
  • He kicked the habit.
  • She kicked the chair.
  1. Kill
    Definition: to cause death or destruction
  • I killed the spider.
  • The disease killed many people.
  • The bomb killed innocent civilians.
  1. Kiss
    Definition: to touch or press lips against something
  • I kissed my partner.
  • She kissed the child goodbye.
  • They kissed the trophy.
  1. Knit
    Definition: to create fabric by interlacing yarn
  • I knitted a sweater.
  • She knitted a scarf.
  • They knitted a blanket.
  1. Knock
    Definition: to strike or hit something with a sudden blow
  • I knocked on the door.
  • He knocked over the vase.
  • She knocked out the opponent.
  • Know

Definition: to be aware or have knowledge of something


  • I knew the answer.
  • She knew the truth.
  • They knew the risk.

  • Knead

Definition: to work dough or other material with the hands


  • I kneaded the bread.
  • She kneaded the clay.
  • They kneaded the muscles.

  • Knot

Definition: to tie or fasten something with a knot


  • I knotted the rope.
  • She knotted the thread.
  • They knotted the shoelaces.
  • Kneel

Definition: to go down on one’s knees


  • I knelt down.
  • She knelt in prayer.
  • They knelt before the king.
  • Knuckle

Definition: to strike or hit with the knuckles


  • I knuckled the door.
  • She knuckled the desk.
  • They knuckled the opponent.

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