Verb That Start With Z

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Here are some verbs starting with Z, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Zap
    Definition: to strike or hit something with a sudden burst of energy
  • I zapped the bug.
  • She zapped the target.
  • They zapped the computer.
  • Zeal
    Definition: to show enthusiastic and dedicated support or effort
  • I zealed the project.
  • She zealed the cause.
  • They zealed the team.
  • Zest
    Definition: to add flavor or excitement to something
  • I zested the lemon.
  • She zested the recipe.
  • They zested the party.
  • Zigzag
    Definition: to move in a zigzag pattern or direction
  • I zigzagged through the obstacle course.
  • She zigzagged across the field.
  • They zigzagged up the mountain.
  • Zip
    Definition: to close or fasten something with a zipper
  • I zipped the jacket.
  • She zipped the bag.
  • They zipped the tent.
  • Zone
    Definition: to divide or separate something into distinct areas
  • I zoned the city.
  • She zoned the property.
  • They zoned the stadium.
  • Zoom
    Definition: to move quickly and closely focus on something
  • I zoomed in on the target.
  • She zoomed past the competition.
  • They zoomed through the presentation.
  • Zorch
    Definition: to destroy or defeat something completely
  • I zorched the enemy.
  • She zorched the competition.
  • They zorched the obstacle.
  • Zouk
    Definition: to dance or move with energy and enthusiasm
  • I zouked the night away.
  • She zouked to the music.
  • They zouked through the festival.
  • Zing
    Definition: to add a sudden and lively energy or excitement
  • I zinged the party.
  • She zinged the conversation.
  • They zinged the performance.

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