Verb That Start With N

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Here are some verb base forms starting with N, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Name
    Definition: to give a title or label to something
  • I named the baby.
  • She named the company.
  • They named the award.
  • Narrate
    Definition: to tell or recount a story
  • I narrated the events.
  • She narrated the film.
  • They narrated the history.
  • Navigate
    Definition: to direct or control the movement of something
  • I navigated the ship.
  • She navigated the website.
  • They navigated the terrain.
  • Need
    Definition: to require or depend on something
  • I needed the money.
  • She needed the help.
  • They needed the resources.
  • Neglect
    Definition: to disregard or ignore something
  • I neglected the task.
  • She neglected the warning.
  • They neglected the responsibility.
  • Negotiate
    Definition: to discuss or bargain something
  • I negotiated the price.
  • She negotiated the contract.
  • They negotiated the peace treaty.
  • Nest
    Definition: to build or settle into a comfortable position
  • I nested in the chair.
  • She nested the birds.
  • They nested the boxes.
  • Network
    Definition: to connect or interact with others
  • I networked at the event.
  • She networked online.
  • They networked the computers.
  • Neutralize
    Definition: to make something ineffective or impartial
  • I neutralized the threat.
  • She neutralized the acid.
  • They neutralized the opposition.
  • Nod
    Definition: to move the head up and down
  • I nodded in agreement.
  • She nodded off.
  • They nodded to the beat.
  • Nominate
    Definition: to suggest or propose someone for a position
  • I nominated the candidate.
  • She nominated the film.
  • They nominated the hero.
  • Normalize
    Definition: to make something standard or usual
  • I normalized the data.
  • She normalized the behavior.
  • They normalized the relations.
  • Note
    Definition: to write or record something
  • I noted the information.
  • She noted the melody.
  • They noted the exception.
  • Notice
    Definition: to become aware or observe something
  • I noticed the change.
  • She noticed the error.
  • They noticed the warning.
  • Nourish
    Definition: to provide or promote growth or health
  • I nourished the plant.
  • She nourished the child.
  • They nourished the community.
  • Nudge
    Definition: to gently push or encourage something
  • I nudged the ball.
  • She nudged the friend.
  • They nudged the decision.
  • Nullify
    Definition: to make something invalid or ineffective
  • I nullified the contract.
  • She nullified the vote.
  • They nullified the threat.
  • Number
    Definition: to give a numerical value to something
  • I numbered the pages.
  • She numbered the items.
  • They numbered the days.

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