Verb That Start With J

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Here are some verb base forms starting with J, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Jab
    Definition: to poke or strike quickly
  • I jabbed the needle.
  • The boxer jabbed his opponent.
  • She jabbed the button.
  • Jail
    Definition: to put someone in prison
  • I jailed the criminal.
  • The police jailed the suspect.
  • She jailed the offender.
  • Jangle
    Definition: to make a harsh or unpleasant sound
  • I jangled the keys.
  • The wind jangled the chimes.
  • She jangled the nerves.
  • Jeopardize
    Definition: to put something at risk
  • I jeopardized my job.
  • The decision jeopardized the project.
  • She jeopardized her health.
  • Jerk
    Definition: to move suddenly or violently
  • I jerked the rope.
  • The car jerked forward.
  • She jerked away.
  • Jest
    Definition: to joke or make fun
  • I jested with my friends.
  • The comedian jested about politics.
  • She jested about her age.
  • Jolt
    Definition: to give a sudden shock or surprise
  • I jolted the door open.
  • The news jolted the community.
  • She jolted awake.
  • Journal
    Definition: to write or record something regularly
  • I journaled my thoughts.
  • The scientist journaled her findings.
  • She journaled her journey.
  • Judge
    Definition: to form an opinion or make a decision
  • I judged the contest.
  • The judge judged the case.
  • She judged her peers.
  • Jumble
    Definition: to mix or confuse something
  • I jumbled the words.
  • The puzzle jumbled the letters.
  • She jumbled the instructions.
  • Jump
    Definition: to move quickly or suddenly upward
  • I jumped the hurdle.
  • The athlete jumped the height.
  • She jumped for joy.
  • Justify
    Definition: to give a good reason or excuse
  • I justified my actions.
  • The company justified the price.
  • She justified her decision.
  • Juxtapose
    Definition: to place two things side by side
  • I juxtaposed the images.
  • The artist juxtaposed the colors.
  • She juxtaposed the ideas.

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