Verb That Start With I

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Here are some verb base forms starting with I, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Ice
    Definition: to cover or cool something with ice
  • I iced the cake.
  • The skater iced the rink.
  • She iced her injury.
  • Identify
    Definition: to recognize or determine something
  • I identified the problem.
  • The detective identified the suspect.
  • She identified the species.
  • Ignore
    Definition: to pay no attention to something
  • I ignored the noise.
  • He ignored my advice.
  • She ignored the warning.
  • Illustrate
    Definition: to draw or create pictures
  • I illustrated the book.
  • The artist illustrated the concept.
  • She illustrated her point.
  • Imitate
    Definition: to copy or mimic something
  • I imitated his accent.
  • The comedian imitated the president.
  • She imitated her mother.
  • Immigrate
    Definition: to move to a new country
  • I immigrated to the US.
  • The family immigrated to Canada.
  • She immigrated to Australia.
  • Improve
    Definition: to make something better
  • I improved my skills.
  • The company improved the product.
  • She improved her health.
  • Include
    Definition: to add or contain something
  • I included the details.
  • The report included the data.
  • She included everyone.
  • Increase
    Definition: to make something greater or more
  • I increased the volume.
  • The company increased production.
  • She increased her speed.
  • Indicate
    Definition: to show or suggest something
  • I indicated my answer.
  • The sign indicated the direction.
  • She indicated her interest.
  • Influence
    Definition: to have an impact on something
  • I influenced the decision.
  • The media influenced public opinion.
  • She influenced her friends.
  • Inform
    Definition: to give information or knowledge
  • I informed him of the news.
  • The teacher informed the class.
  • She informed the authorities.
  • Inquire
    Definition: to ask or investigate something
  • I inquired about the price.
  • The detective inquired about the crime.
  • She inquired about the job.
  • Insert
    Definition: to put or place something inside
  • I inserted the key.
  • The doctor inserted the IV.
  • She inserted the data.
  • Inspire
    Definition: to motivate or influence someone
  • I inspired the team.
  • The artist inspired the audience.
  • She inspired her students.
  • Install
    Definition: to put or set something in place
  • I installed the software.
  • The technician installed the equipment.
  • She installed the shelves.
  • Instruct
    Definition: to teach or guide someone
  • I instructed the student.
  • The teacher instructed the class.
  • She instructed the team.

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