Verb That Start With H

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Here are some verb base forms starting with H, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Halt
    Definition: to stop or pause something
  • I halted the process.
  • The police halted the suspect.
  • She halted her speech.
  • Hand
    Definition: to give or pass something to someone
  • I handed him the keys.
  • The waiter handed me the menu.
  • She handed over the responsibility.
  • Hang
    Definition: to attach or suspend something
  • I hung the picture.
  • The clothes hung on the line.
  • She hung up the phone.
  • Happen
    Definition: to occur or take place
  • It happened suddenly.
  • The accident happened last night.
  • She happened to be there.
  • Harass
    Definition: to bother or trouble someone
  • I harassed him for an answer.
  • The bully harassed the victim.
  • She harassed the government.
  • Harm
    Definition: to cause injury or damage
  • I harmed myself by accident.
  • The pollution harmed the environment.
  • She harmed her relationships.
  • Hasten
    Definition: to hurry or speed up something
  • I hastened to the airport.
  • The doctor hastened to the emergency.
  • She hastened her decision.
  • Hate
    Definition: to intensely dislike something
  • I hated the food.
  • He hated his job.
  • She hated the movie.
  • Haunt
    Definition: to visit or appear as a ghost
  • The ghost haunted the mansion.
  • The memory haunted me.
  • She haunted the graveyard.
  • Head
    Definition: to be in charge or lead something
  • I headed the team.
  • The CEO headed the company.
  • She headed the department.
  • Heal
    Definition: to cure or make something better
  • I healed quickly.
  • The doctor healed the wound.
  • She healed her emotional scars.
  • Help
    Definition: to assist or support someone
  • I helped him move.
  • The teacher helped the student.
  • She helped the charity.
  • Hesitate
    Definition: to pause or be uncertain
  • I hesitated before answering.
  • He hesitated to make a decision.
  • She hesitated at the crossroads.
  • Hide
    Definition: to conceal or cover something
  • I hid the gift.
  • The child hid behind the curtain.
  • She hid her feelings.
  • Highlight
    Definition: to make something stand out
  • I highlighted the text.
  • The model highlighted her features.
  • She highlighted her skills.
  • Hinder
    Definition: to obstruct or slow something down
  • I hindered the process.
  • The rain hindered our plans.
  • She hindered his progress.
  • Hint
    Definition: to give a subtle or indirect suggestion
  • I hinted at the answer.
  • The teacher hinted at the solution.
  • She hinted at her intentions.

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