Formation of Verbs from Adjectives



Formation of Verbs from Adjectives
Formation of Verbs from Adjectives

Here’s a list of Verbs formed from Adjective

Adjectives Verbs
Able Enable
Base Debase
Bitter Embitter
Black Blacken
Brief Abbreviate
Broad Broaden
Central Centralize
Certain Ascertain
Cheap Cheapen
Civil Civilize
Clean Cleanse
Clear Clarify
Dark Darken
Dear Endear
Deep Deepen
Dense Condens
Different Differentiate
Equal Equalize
False Falsify
Familiar Familiarize
Fast Fasten
Feeble Enfeeble
Fertile Fertilize
Fresh Refresh
Fine Refine
Firm Confirm
Flat Flatten
General Generalize
Glad Gladden
Hard Harden
Humble Humiliate
Just Justify
Large Enlarge
Little Belittle
Local Localize
Long Lengthen
Low Lower
Mad Madden
Moist Moisten
New Renew
Noble Ennoble
Particular Particularise
Poor Impoverish
Popular Popularize
Public Publish/Publicise
Pure Purify
Quick Quicken
Real Realise
Red Redden
Rich Enrich
Sad Sadden
Safe Save
Satisfactory Satisfy
Sharp Sharpen
Sick Sicken
Short Shorten
Soft Soften
Solid Solidify
Special Specialise/Specify
Stable Stabilize
Strong Strengthen
Sure Assure
Sweet Sweeten
Thick Thicken
Vile Vilify
Weak Weaken
White Whiten
Wide Widen

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