Verb That Start With G

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Here are some verb base forms starting with G, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Gain
    Definition: to get or acquire something
  • I gained weight.
  • The company gained a new client.
  • She gained confidence.
  • Gather
    Definition: to collect or bring things together
  • I gathered the ingredients.
  • The team gathered for a meeting.
  • She gathered her thoughts.
  • Gaze
    Definition: to look steadily or vacantly at something
  • I gazed at the stars.
  • The tourist gazed at the landmark.
  • She gazed into his eyes.
  • Generate
    Definition: to produce or create something
  • I generated a report.
  • The power plant generated electricity.
  • She generated a new idea.
  • Give
    Definition: to offer or provide something
  • I gave him a gift.
  • The charity gave food to the needy.
  • She gave her time.
  • Glance
    Definition: to look quickly or briefly at something
  • I glanced at my watch.
  • The driver glanced in the mirror.
  • She glanced around the room.
  • Glide
    Definition: to move smoothly and continuously
  • I glided across the ice.
  • The plane glided through the air.
  • She glided across the stage.
  • Grow
    Definition: to increase or develop something
  • I grew a beard.
  • The company grew rapidly.
  • She grew a garden.
  • Guard
    Definition: to watch or protect something
  • I guarded the door.
  • The security guard guarded the building.
  • She guarded her secrets.
  • Guess
    Definition: to make an estimate or prediction
  • I guessed the answer.
  • The contestant guessed the price.
  • She guessed his intentions.
  • Guide
    Definition: to show or lead someone
  • I guided him through the process.
  • The tour guide guided us through the city.
  • She guided her students.
  • Gulp
    Definition: to swallow something quickly
  • I gulped my drink.
  • The athlete gulped air.
  • She gulped with fear.
  • Gush
    Definition: to flow or pour out suddenly
  • The water gushed out.
  • The oil gushed from the well.
  • She gushed with excitement.
  • Giggle
    Definition: to laugh in a silly or nervous way
  • I giggled at the joke.
  • The children giggled at the clown.
  • She giggled at her mistake.
  • Glow
    Definition: to shine or radiate light
  • The lamp glowed brightly.
  • The fire glowed warmly.
  • She glowed with happiness.
  • Grasp
    Definition: to hold or understand something
  • I grasped the concept.
  • The athlete grasped the trophy.
  • She grasped the opportunity.
  • Greet
    Definition: to welcome or salute someone
  • I greeted him with a smile.
  • The host greeted the guests.
  • She greeted the sunrise.

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