Formation of Nouns from Verbs

Following is the list of Nouns formed by Verbs:

Formation of Nouns from Verbs
Verbs Nouns
Abide Abode
Abund Abundance
Accept Acceptance
Accomplish Accomplishment
Accommodate Accommodation
Achieve Achievement
Acquaint Acquaintance
Act Action
Add Addition
Admit Admission
Admire Admiration
Advise Advice
Advertise Advertisement
Affirm Affirmation
Agree Agreement
Allot Allotment
Appear Appearance
Apply Application
Approve Approval
Arive Arrival
Ascend Ascent
Assert Assertion
Assemble Assembly
Assure Assurance
Attach Attachment
Attain Attainment
Bear Birth
Behave Behaviour
Believe Belief
Belong Belongings
Bind Bond
Bless Blessings
Break Breach, Breakage
Bribe Bribery
Bury Burial
Carry Carriage
Choose Choice
Civilize Civilization
Classify Classification
Collect Collection
Compare Comparison
Compete Competition
Compel Compulsion
Confirm Confirmation
Consider Consideration
Co-operate Co-operation
Conceal Concealment
Confine Confinement
Convert Conversion
Create Creation
Criticize Criticism
Decide Decision
Defend Defence
Deliver Delivery
Deny Denial
Depart Departure
Depend Dependence
Describe Description
Destroy Destruction
Determine Determination
Die Death
Digest Digestion
Dine Dinner
Direct Direction
Discovery Discovery
Disturb Disturbance
Divide Division
Do Deed
Drive Driver
Educate Education
Emit Emission
Engage Engagement
Enjoy Enjoyment
Enter Entry
Envelop Envelope
Erect Erection
Err Error
Examine Examination
Exceed Excess
Expect Expectation
Exist Existence
Expire Expiry
Expand Expansion
Explain Explanation
Express Expression
Extend Extension
Fail Failure
Feed Food
Flatter Flattery
Flow Flood
Fly Flight
Forgive Forgiveness
Furnish Furniture
Give Gift
Govern Government
Grieve Grief
Grow Growth.
Guard Guard
Guide Guide
Hate Hatred
Hear Hearing
Hold Hold
Ignore Ignorance
Imagine Imagination
Injure Injury
Inquire Inquiry
Inspect Inspection
Intend Intention
Introduce Introduction
Investigate Investigation
Invite Invitation
Irrigate Irrigation
Join Joint
Judge Judgement/Justice
Know Knowledge
Laugh Laughter
Learn Learning
Lend Loan
Lose Loss
Mix Mixture
Move Movement
Multiply Multiplication
Obey Obedience
Object Objection
Oblige Obligation
Offend Offence
Occupy Occupation
Omit Omission
Oppose Opposition
Pass Passage
Pay Payment
Perform Performance
Please Pleasure
Populate Population
Pray Prayer
Prefer Preference
Prepare Preparation
Preserve Preservation
Press Pressure
Produce Production
Proclaim Proclamation
Prophesy Prophecy
Propose Proposal
Prosper Prosperity
Prove Proof
Protect Protection
Provide Provision
Qualify Qualification
Rebel Rebellion
Receive Receipt/Reception
Recite Recitation
Recommend Recommendation
Recover Recovery
Reduce Reduction
Refer Reference
Refresh Refreshment
Refuse Refusal
Relieve Relief
Remain Remainder
Remove Removal
Repeat Repetition
Repent Repentance
Revolve Revolution
Satisfy Satisfaction
See Sight
Sell Sale
Serve Service
Settle Settlement
Shake Shock
Sing Song
Sit Seat
Slay Slaughter
Solve Solution
Sow Seed
Speak Speech/Speaker
Spell Spelling
Steal Stealth
Strike Stroke
Subtract Subtraction
Succeed Success
Supervise Supervision
Tell Tale
Thieve Theft
Think Thought
Till Tillage
Translate Translation
Treat Treatment
Try Trial
Understand Understanding
Unite Unity/Union
Use Usage/Use
Vacate Vacation/Vacancy
Vary Variety
Wed Wedding
Weigh Weight
Withdraw Withdrawal