Collective Noun Definition/ Collective Noun Examples


Collective Noun Definition/ Collective Noun Examples
Collective Noun Definition/ Collective Noun Examples,

What is a collective noun?

When speaking or writing in English, you would need to use a collective noun to name a group of objects.

A collective noun is a linguistic term that refers to a group of objects as a whole. Most collective nouns in everyday speech aren’t limited to one type of thing, such as “gang,” which may refer to people (“a group of people”), dogs (“a group of dogs”), or other items.

Both plural and singular collective nouns exist. Americans, on the other hand, tend to use collective nouns as singulars, although in other parts of the world, both usages are right.

Definition of collective noun

A collective noun refers to a group of people,  places, things, and animals

Collective nouns are terms that refer to a group or set of people or objects as if they were a single entity. In essence, a collective noun is a group noun that refers to units or classes as a whole.

Examples of collective nouns of people

  • a posse of police
  • a choir of singers
  • a class of students
  • a group of dancers
  • a line of Kings
  • a troop of Scouts
  • a company of actors
  • a troupe of artists
  • a team of players
  • a crowd of people
  • a gang of prisoners
  • a staff of employees
  • a pack of thieves
  • a band of men
  • a body of men
  • a bevy of ladies
  • a board of directors
  • a crew of sailors.
  • a host of angels
  • a regiment of soldiers
  • a caravan of travelers
  • a circle of friends
  • a blast of hunters
  • a doctrine of doctors
  • a blush of boys

Sentences of collective nouns of people:

  • He fell in with a strange crowd of people at college.
  • The majority of the employees in our office have high university degrees.
  • He was put in the command of a regiment of soldiers.
  • The teacher examined the class of students between the lesson.
  • She invited only a select circle of friends to her birthday party.
  • He was put in the command of a regiment of soldiers.

Examples of collective nouns of things:

  • a cluster of stars
  • a list of names
  • a bouquet of flowers
  • a basket of fruits
  • a bowl of rice
  • a comb of bananas
  • a pack of cards
  • a catalog of prices
  • a bundle of hay
  • a bunch of grapes
  • a fall of snow
  • a bunch of keys
  • a grove of trees
  • an album of photographs
  • a string of pearls
  • a shower of rain
  • a harvest of wheat
  • a bundle of sticks
  • a book of notes
  • a cloud of dust
  • a fleet of ships
  • a library of books
  • a reel of film
  • a ream of paper
  • a chest of drawers

Sentences of collective nouns of things:

  • Write a list of names of all guests on a separate piece of paper.
  • I ate a bowl of rice yesterday.
  • My aunt came with a basket of fruits for me.
  • His husband gave him a bouquet of flowers.
  • He came home with a bouquet of flowers that she knew he had paid too much for.
  • The shopkeeper gave them a great catalog, which was full of information and color photos.
Collective nouns of people/things
Collective nouns of people/things

Examples of collective nouns of animals:

  • a pack of wolves
  • a swarm of bees
  • a murder of crows
  • a train of camels
  • a stud of horses
  • a tribe of goats
  • a nest of mice
  • a catch of fish
  • a cloud of insects
  • a herd of cattle
  • a flock of sheep
  • a brood of hens
  • a flight of birds
  • a clew of worms
  • a cluster of spider
  • a kindle of kittens
  • a litter of cubs
  • a school of whales
  • a pride of lions
  • a gaggle of geese
  • a troop of monkeys
  • a mob of deer
  • an army of ants
  • a host of Sparrow
  • a sloth of bears

Sentences of collective nouns of animals:

  • They saw a troop of monkeys moving from tree to tree in the forest.
  • There was an army of ants at the bottom of my birthday cake.
  • We saw a herd of cattle is grazing in a field in the countryside.
  • A long train of camels was moving to the west in the desert.
  • He was stung by a swarm of bees when he climbed up the tree.

Examples of collective nouns of places:

  • a range of mountains
  • a union of states
  • a forest of trees
  • a suite of rooms
  • a chain of island
  • a museum of art
  • a hedge of bushes
  • an orchard of fruit trees

Sentences of collective nouns of places:

  • The Pyramids are a range of mountains between France and Spain.
  • The union of states sponsored the important seminar with their governors.
  • A collection of wonderful paintings by Richardson is on exhibition at the Museum of Art.
  • The forest of trees having a huge amount of plants glanced cool and shady.
  • Their suite of rooms was cool and restful and there was a fresh balcony beyond the hall window.
Collective nouns of places/animals
Collective nouns of places/animals

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