Formation of Verbs from Nouns
Formation of Verbs from Nouns

Here’s a list of verbs formed from nouns

Formation of Verbs from Nouns
Noun Verb
Advice Advise
Authority Authorize
Beauty Beautify
Blood Bleed
Cage Encage
Camp Encamp
Capital Capitalize
Circle Encircle
Class Classify
Colony Colonise
Cloth Clothe
Courage Encourage
Critic Criticise
Custom Accustom
Danger Endanger
Depth Deepen
Difference Differ
Economy Economise
Force Enforce
Food Feed
Fool Befool
Friend Befriend
Fright Frighten
Glass Glaze
Glory Glorify 
Gold Gild
Grass Graze
Habit Habituate
Hand Handle
Harmony Harmonize
Haste Hasten
Height Heighten
Heir Inherit
Horror Horrify
Idol ldolise
Joy Enjoy
Knee Kneel
Knot Knit
Length Lengthen
Life Live
Magnet Magnetic
Memory Memorize
Nation Nationalize
Nature Naturalize
Office Officiate
Origin Originate
Power Empower
Practice Practise
Prison Imprison
Publicity Publish
Radio Radiate
Right Rectify
Slave Enslave
Society Associate
Spark Sparkle
Strength Strengthen
Sympathy Sympathise
System Systematize
Television Televise
Terror Terrify
Throne Enthrone
Vapour Evaporate
Vigour Invigorate
Vision Visualize