Formation of Adjectives from Nouns



Formation of Adjectives from Nouns
Formation of Adjectives from Nouns

Here’s a list of Adjectives formed from Nouns

Formation of Adjectives from Nouns

Noun Adjective
Academy Academic
Acident Accidental
Advantage Advantageous
Adventure Adventurous
Advice Advisable
Affection Affectionate
Afghanistán Afghan
Air Airy
America American
Angel Angelic
Anger Angry
Animal Animality
Arabia Arabian
Asia Asian
Atmosphere Atmospheric
Authority Authoritative
Autumn Autumitanal
Beauty Beautiful
Blood Bloody
Body Bodily
Bone Bony
Book Bookish
Boy Boyish
Brother Brotherly
Brute Brutal
Burden Burdensome
Centre Central
Ceremony Ceremonal
Cheer Cheerful
Child Childish/Childlike
China Chinese
Circle Circular
College Collegiate
Colony Colonial
Comfort Comfortable
Contempt Contemptible
Contemptuous Contemptuous
Condition Conditional
Crime Criminal
Cure Curable
Custom Customary
Danger Dangerous
Day Daily
Dew Dewy
Earth Earthen
Ease Easy
East Eastern
Economy Economical
Effect Effective
Emperor Imperial
Enemy Inimical
England English
Essence Essential
Event Eventful
Expense Expensive
Fable Fabulous
Fame Famous
Fat Fatty
Fate Fateful
Father Fatherly
Fault Faulty
Favour Favourable
Fever Feverish
Fiction Fictitious
Fiend Fiendish
Fire Fiery
Film Filmy
Fish Fishy
Flower Flowery
Fog Foggy
Fool Foolish
Force Forceful
France French
Friend Friendly
Frost Frosty
Fruit Fruitful
Fury Furious
Fuss Fussy
Gas Gaseous
Gain Gainful
Germanyy German
Geography Geographical
Ghost Ghostly
Glass Glassy
Gloom Gloomy
Glory Glorious
God Godly
Gold Golden
Grass Grassy
Greed Greedy
Grief Grievous
Habit Habitual
Hair Hairy
Hand Handy
Harm Harmful
Harmony Harmonious
Haste Hasty
Haze Hazy
Health Healthy
Heart Hearty
Heaven Heavenly
Heredity Hereditaryy
Help Helpful
Hero Heroic
Hill Hilly
Home Homely
Holland Dutch
Honour Honourable
Hope Hopeful
Horror Horrible
Hour Hourly
Hunger Hungry
Ice Icy
Ignorance Ignorant
India Indian
Industry Industrial/Industrious
Japan Japanese
Joke Jocular
Joy Joyful
King Kingly
Knot Knotty
Labour Laborious
Language Linguistic
Law Lawful/Legal
Life Lifelike/Lifeless
Limit Limited
Lord Lordly
Love Lovely/Loveable
Machine Mechanical
Maiden Maidenly
Man Manly
Medicine Medical/Medicinal
Memory Memorable
Merchant Mercantile
Mind Mental
Mercy Merciful
Merit Meritorious
Metal Metallic
Miracle Miraculous
Might Mighty
Milk Milky
Moment Momentary
Moncy Monetary
Monk Monkish
Month Monthly
Mother Motherly
Muscle Muscular
Mystery Mysterious
Nation National
Nature Natural
Navy Navàl
Need Needy
Neghbour Nighbouring
Nonsense Nonsensical
Notice Noticeable
Number Numeral
Occident Occinental
Ocean Oceanic
Offence Offensive
Office Official
Oil Oily
Origin Original
Ornament Ornamental
Pakistan Pakistani
Palace Palatial
Passion Passionate
Peace Pcaceful
Persia Persian
Picture Pictorial
Pity Pitiable
Play Playful
Point Pionted
Population Populous
Practice Practical
Price Precious
Pride Proud
Privacy Private
Profit Profitable
Progres Progressive
Quarrel Quarrelsome
Quarter Quarterly
Question Questionable
Rain Rainy
Red Reddish
Rot Rotten
Ruin Ruinous
Russia Russian
Scholar Scholorly
Science Scientific
Scnse Sensible
Service Servicable
Silk Silken
Silver Silvery
Skin Skinny
Slave Slavish
Smoke Smoky
Snow Snowy
Society Social
Soot Sooty
Space Spacious
Spain Spanish
Spark Sparkling
Splendour Splendid
Sponge Spongy
Spot Spotty
Star Starry
Stone Stony
Storm Stormy
Success Successful
Sun Solar/Sunny
Surgery Surgical
Study Studious
Sympathy Sympathetic
System Systematic
Talk Talkative
Taste Tasty
Tear Tearful
Terror Terrible
Thirst Thirsty
Thought Thoughtful
Tribe Tribal
Trouble Troublesome
Turky Turkish
Type Typical
Use Useful
Value Valuable
Vapour Vapourous
Velvet Velvety
Vice Vicious
Vigil Vigilant
Vigour Vigorous
Virtue Virtuous
Vision Visual
Voice Vocal
War Warlike
Watch Watchful
Water Watery
Week Weekly
Will Willing
Wind Windy
Winter Wintery
Wit Witty
Woman Womanly
Wood Wooden
Wool Woollen
World Worldly
Worth Worthy
Wrong Wrongful
Year Yearly
Youth Youthful
Zeal Zealous
Zoology Zoological

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