Verb That Start With W

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Here are some verbs starting with W, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Wade
    Definition: to walk through water or a liquid
  • I waded through the pool.
  • She waded through the river.
  • They waded through the mud.
  • Waive
    Definition: to give up or surrender a right or claim
  • I waived the fee.
  • She waived the penalty.
  • They waived the requirement.
  • Walk
    Definition: to move at a slow pace on foot
  • I walked to the store.
  • She walked in the park.
  • They walked on the beach.
  • Warn
    Definition: to give notice or alert someone of danger
  • I warned the child.
  • She warned the driver.
  • They warned the public.
  • Wash
    Definition: to clean or remove dirt or stains
  • I washed the clothes.
  • She washed the dishes.
  • They washed the car.
  • Waste
    Definition: to use or expend something carelessly
  • I wasted the money.
  • She wasted the time.
  • They wasted the resources.
  • Watch
    Definition: to observe or pay attention to something
  • I watched the movie.
  • She watched the clock.
  • They watched the game.
  • Water
    Definition: to supply or irrigate with water
  • I watered the plants.
  • She watered the garden.
  • They watered the crops.
  • Wave
    Definition: to move up and down or back and forth
  • I waved the flag.
  • She waved goodbye.
  • They waved the wand.
  • Welcome
    Definition: to greet or receive someone warmly
  • I welcomed the guest.
  • She welcomed the news.
  • They welcomed the opportunity.

  • Weaken
    Definition: to make something less strong or effective
  • I weakened the argument.
  • She weakened the team.
  • They weakened the opponent.
  • Weather
    Definition: to withstand or endure a difficult situation
  • I weathered the storm.
  • She weathered the criticism.
  • They weathered the recession.
  • Weld
    Definition: to join two things together using heat and pressure
  • I welded the metal.
  • She welded the pipe.
  • They welded the frame.
  • Whip
    Definition: to move or strike with a quick, sharp motion
  • I whipped the cream.
  • She whipped the horse.
  • They whipped the ball.
  • Whirl
    Definition: to move or spin quickly and wildly
  • I whirled the top.
  • She whirled the skirt.
  • They whirled the dervish.
  • Whisper
    Definition: to speak very softly and quietly
  • I whispered the secret.
  • She whispered the news.
  • They whispered the plan.
  • Win
    Definition: to achieve a victory or success
  • I won the game.
  • She won the award.
  • They won the championship.
  • Wind
    Definition: to move or blow air or gas
  • I wound the clock.
  • She wound the thread.
  • They wound the road.
  • Wire
    Definition: to connect or transmit using wires
  • I wired the house.
  • She wired the phone.
  • They wired the internet.
  • Withhold
    Definition: to hold back or keep something from someone
  • I withheld the information.
  • She withheld the payment.
  • They withheld the support.

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