Verb That Start With V

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Here are some verb base forms starting with V, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Vacate
    Definition: to leave or give up a place or position
  • I vacated the room.
  • She vacated the office.
  • They vacated the premises.
  • Value
    Definition: to consider or estimate the worth of something
  • I valued the opinion.
  • She valued the relationship.
  • They valued the asset.
  • Vary
    Definition: to change or differ in some way
  • I varied the routine.
  • She varied the menu.
  • They varied the approach.
  • Verify
    Definition: to check or confirm the accuracy of something
  • I verified the facts.
  • She verified the identity.
  • They verified the results.
  • View
    Definition: to look at or consider something
  • I viewed the scenery.
  • She viewed the art.
  • They viewed the situation.
  • Visit
    Definition: to go to see someone or something
  • I visited the museum.
  • She visited the family.
  • They visited the city.
  • Vote
    Definition: to choose or decide by ballot
  • I voted for the candidate.
  • She voted on the proposal.
  • They voted in the election.
  • Vouch
    Definition: to guarantee or confirm something
  • I vouch for the quality.
  • She vouch for the person.
  • They vouch for the product.
  • Voice
    Definition: to express or utter an opinion or feeling
  • I voiced my concern.
  • She voiced her opinion.
  • They voiced their support.
  • Volunteer
    Definition: to offer or give time or service willingly
  • I volunteered for the cause.
  • She volunteered at the hospital.
  • They volunteered for the project.

  • Validate
    Definition: to confirm or prove the validity of something
  • I validated the ticket.
  • She validated the research.
  • They validated the experience.
  • Vandalize
    Definition: to deliberately damage or destroy property
  • I vandalized the wall.
  • She vandalized the car.
  • They vandalized the park.
  • Visualize
    Definition: to form a mental image or picture
  • I visualized the goal.
  • She visualized the success.
  • They visualized the outcome.
  • Vocalize
    Definition: to express or utter sounds or words
  • I vocalized the opinion.
  • She vocalized the feelings.
  • They vocalized the support.
  • Vouchsafe
    Definition: to grant or bestow something condescendingly
  • I vouchsafed the information.
  • She vouchsafed the favor.
  • They vouchsafed the permission.
  • Venture
    Definition: to take a risk or try something new
  • I ventured the business.
  • She ventured the trip.
  • They ventured the investment.
  • Venerate
    Definition: to regard or treat with great respect
  • I venerated the leader.
  • She venerated the tradition.
  • They venerated the culture.
  • Verbalize
    Definition: to express or utter in words
  • I verbalized the thoughts.
  • She verbalized the feelings.
  • They verbalized the ideas.
  • Vigilate
    Definition: to keep watch or guard over something
  • I vigilated the property.
  • She vigilated the child.
  • They vigilated the border.
  • Vitalize
    Definition: to give energy or vitality to something
  • I vitalized the team.
  • She vitalized the community.
  • They vitalized the project.

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