Differences Between Proper Noun And Common Noun


 The Differences Between A Proper Noun And A Common Noun

 A common noun is a noun that names any person, place, or thing. A proper noun names one specific person, place, or thing. Proper nouns always start with capital letters and don’t take plural forms, whereas common nouns are always lowercase and can take plural forms as well as possessive forms.

 For example:

 dog is a common noun, while my dog Mike is the proper form of the same word.

Common noun definition

The term common noun refers to a noun that does not refer to any one specific person, place or thing. Rather, a common noun is used for general categories of things.

Examples of common noun:




Example sentences of common noun:

  • The dog is running.  
  • The kids are playing baseball game.
  • There’s a movie showing at 1 p.m. today in our city.
  • I went to university for my undergraduate degree.

What are proper nouns?

Proper nouns (or proper names) are a specific and unique name for a person, place, or thing. They always begin with capital letters: Hillary Clinton, New York City, Doctor Zhivago. These words are typically nouns ,and they have no plural form because they represent just one person, place or thing.

Examples of proper noun

Las Vegas,

Ohio State University,


Example sentences of proper noun:

  • My dog Mike is running.
  • Sara and Marie are playing baseball game.
  • There’s a movie showing at 1 p.m. Saturday in New York city.
  • I went to Ohio State University for my undergraduate degree.

The definition of proper noun is quite straightforward and generally doesn’t require too much explanation.

While common nouns can be written in either lowercase or uppercase, proper nouns must always be capitalized.

Do you have questions about this topic?

You might have already found an answer to your question by now, but don’t stop reading! This guide is designed to be a comprehensive overview of proper nouns and common nouns. We’ll cover all of their basic characteristics, differences between them, and examples for each type. We want you to be confident about using proper nouns and common nouns in your writing.

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