Masculine and Feminine gender list of Human and Animals


Masculine and Feminine gender list of Human and Animals
Masculine and Feminine gender list of Human and Animals 

Living things are either males or females.

Masculine Gender:

A noun that denotes a male person or animal is of the Masculine Gender:
man, prince, cock

Feminine Gender:

A noun that denotes a female person or animal is of the Feminine Gender:
woman, Princess, hen.

Common Gender:

A noun that can be used for male and female both is of the Common Gender:
child, parent.

Neuter Gender: 

A noun that denotes a thing that is 
neither male nor female (i.e. a lifeless
thing) is of the Neuter Gender: 
book, pen, stone, tree, rose.
Plants though living things are considered to be lifeless things in English Grammar and are, therefore, Neuter Gender.
Here are the list of Masculine and feminine of human and animals.

Gender list of Human 

Gender list of Human
Masculine Feminine
Actor Actress
Administrator Administratrix
Author Authoress
Baron baroness
benefactor Benefactress
boy girl
brother sister
bachelor maid
Brother-in-law Sister-in-law
Businessman Businesswoman
czar czarina
Conductor Conductress
Count Countess
Congressman Congresswoman 
Director Directress
Doctor Lady doctor
Duke Duchess
Daddy Mummy
Enchanter Enchantress
Executor Executrix
Emperor Empress
Father Mother
Foster-father Foster mother
Founder Foundress
Gentleman Lady
Giant Giantess
Grandfather Grandmother
Groom Bride
God Goddess
Heir Heiress
Host Hostess
Hero Heroine
Husband Wife
Hunter Huntress
Inspector Inspectress
Instructor Instructress
Jew Jewess
King Queen
Lord Lady
Landlord Landlady
Lad Lass
Man Women
Monk Nun
Master Mistress
Mayor Mayoress
Manager Manageress
Milkman Milkmaid
Manservant Maidservant
Mrs. Mr.
Maternal-uncle Maternal-aunt
Nephew Niece
Papa Mama
Patron Patroness
Priest Priestess
Poet Poetess
Prince Princess
Poster Posters
Proprietor Proprietress
Policeman Policewoman
Sir Madam
Stepson Stepdaughter
Stepfather Stepmother
Shepherd Shepherdess
Signor Signora
Songster Songstress
Steward Stewardess
Tailor Tailoress
Tempter Temptress
Traitor Traitress
Tutor Governess
Uncle Aunt
Viscount Viscountess
Widower Widow
Wizard Witch
Washerman Washerwoman
Waiter Waitress

Gender list of animals 

Gender list of Animals
Masculine Feminine
Bull, ox Cow
Bull-calf Cow-calf
Buck Doe
Boar/Pig Sow
Billy (goat) Nanny
Colt Filly
Cock Hen
Calf Heifer
Cock -Sparrow Hen sparrow
Cob (swan) Pen
Dog Bitch
Drake Duck
Drone Bee
Deer Doe
Fox Vixen
Gander Goose
He-goat She goat
Horse Mare
Jack Jenny
Kangaroo Flyer
Lion lioness
Leopard Leopardess
Pea-cock Pea-hen
Rooster Hen
Ram Ewe
Stallion Mare
Stag Hind
Tiger Tigress
Tomcat Queen
Tiercel (hawk) Hen

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