Singular and Plural words list from A to Z



singular and plural words from A to Z

If you want to know more singular and  plural  words so here is the list of singular and plural words from A to Z

with “a”
singular plural
apple apples
ant ants
actor actors
army armies
animal animals
agent agents
author authors
axe axes
application applications
ass asses
arm chair arm chairs
Analysis Analyses
Alumni Alumnae
aircraft aircraft
apex apices
with “b”
singular plural
brush brushes
boy boys
box boxes
baby babies
bush bushes
branch branches
book books
brother brothers
bat bats
bear bears
bed beds
bird birds
bench benches
bison bison
berry berries
brother brothers
body bodies
belief beliefs
with “c”
singular plural
class classes
camp camps
cat cats
circle circles
cow cows
company companies
child children
college colleges
class classes
cart carts
captain captains
church churches
candy candies
country countries
copy copies
crisis crises
codex codices
curriculum curricula
city cities
calf calfs
cliff cliffs
chief chiefs
with “d”
singular plural
duck ducks
dress dresses
dish dishes
deer deer
dozen dozens
day days
door doors
diamond diamonds
delivery deliveries
direction directions
driver drivers
desert deserts
duty duties
donkey donkeys
deer deer
dozen dozens
diagnosis diagnoses
datum data
with “e”
singular plural
enemy enemies
egg eggs
example examples
ear ears
envelope envelopes
exam exams
error errors
expression expressions
with “f”
singular plural
fish fish
fox foxes
foot feet
father fathers
friend friends
family families
forest forests
fruit fruits
fairy fairies
food foods
focus foci
with “g”
singular plural
girl girls
grape grapes
goose geese
gross gross
guard guards
gift gifts
game games
gum gums
group groups
goal goals
gun guns
gas gases
genus genera
gulf gulfs
guys guys
gentleman gentlemen
goods goods
with “h”
singular plural
hundred hundreds
hero heroes
hand hands
hair hair
hill hills
house houses
hotel hotels
home homes
hole holes
hospital hospitals
holiday holidays
hoof hoofs
history histories
with “i”
singular plural
inch inches
industry industries
inquiry inquiries
invitation invitations
injury injuries
invention inventions
investor investors
investment investments
index indices
with “k”
singular plural
king kings
knife knives
knowledge knowledge’s
key keys
kattle kattles
knee knees
kite kites
kangaroo kangaroos
with “l”
singular plural
letter letters
lion lions
lady ladies
leaf leaves
loaf loaves
loan loans
lamp lamps
Library Libraries
with “m”
singular plural
man men
Mango Mangoes
mouse mice
million millions
match matches
mother mothers
member members
with “o”
singular plural
orange oranges
ox oxen
occupation occupations
objection objections
office offices
owl owls
order orders
Oasis oases
with “p”
singular plural
potato potatoes
paper papers
picture pictures
person people
phone phones
payment payments
proof proofs
plant plants
pitch pitches
Poetry poetries
pony ponies
with “q”
singular plural
quadrants quadrants
queen queens
quote quotes
question questions
quotient quotient’s
quarrel quarrels
quiz quizzes
quilt quilts
query queries
quality qualities
quantity quantities
with “r”
singular plural
road roads
radio radios
restaurant restaurants
religion religions
rifle rifles
result results
roof roofs
ruby rubies
railway railways
root roots
with “s”
singular plural
sheep sheep
story stories
swine swine
speaker speakers
snake snakes
shop shops
spider spiders
sum sums
storey storeys
scenery sceneries
scout scouts
with “t”
singular plural
tiger tigers
teacher teachers
tomato tomatoes
tooth teeth
thief thief’s
thousand thousands
tree trees
thing things
toy toys
tray ttrays
trout trout
tuna tuna
with “u”
singular plural
university universities
umbrella umbrellas
with “v”
singular plural
valley valleys
visitor visitors
veteran veterans
vanilla vanillas
vulture vulture
vase vases
verb verbs
ventilator ventilators
vita vitae
with “w”
singular plural
woman women
wall walls
watch watches
wood woods
wool wools
week weeks
wife wives
window windows
writer writers
wolf wolves
with “y”
singular plural
yarn yarns
year years
yatch yatches
youth youths
yearly yearlies
yeast yeasts
with “z”
singular plural
zebra zebras
zoo zoos
zip zips

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