Verb That Start With F

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Here are 20 verb base forms starting with F, along with their definitions and 3 examples for each verb:

  • Face
    Definition: to confront or deal with something
  • I faced the challenge.
  • The team faced the opponent.
  • She faced her fears.
  • Fix
    Definition: to repair or mend something
  • I fixed the car.
  • The mechanic fixed the engine.
  • She fixed the broken vase.
  • Focus
    Definition: to concentrate or direct attention
  • I focused on the task.
  • The photographer focused the camera.
  • She focused on her goals.
  • Force
    Definition: to make someone do something
  • I forced him to apologize.
  • The police forced the suspect to surrender.
  • She forced herself to eat.
  • Forgive
    Definition: to stop feeling angry or resentful
  • I forgave him for his mistake.
  • The victim forgave the offender.
  • She forgave herself for her error.
  • Form
    Definition: to create or shape something
  • I formed the clay into a shape.
  • The company formed a new department.
  • She formed a new habit.
  • Found
    Definition: to establish or create something
  • I founded the company.
  • The settlers founded the town.
  • She founded the charity.
  • Frame
    Definition: to create or shape a border or structure
  • I framed the picture.
  • The builder framed the house.
  • She framed the argument.
  • Freeze
    Definition: to become or make something very cold
  • I froze the food.
  • The weather froze the pipes.
  • She froze with fear.
  • Frown
    Definition: to show displeasure or disappointment
  • I frowned at the news.
  • The teacher frowned at the student.
  • She frowned at her reflection.
  • Fund
    Definition: to provide money or support for something
  • I funded the project.
  • The investor funded the startup.
  • She funded her education.
  • Fixate
    Definition: to focus or obsess over something
  • I fixated on the goal.
  • The fan fixated on the celebrity.
  • She fixated on her appearance.
  • Fluctuate
    Definition: to change or vary frequently
  • I fluctuated between options.
  • The market fluctuated wildly.
  • She fluctuated between emotions.
  • Formulate
    Definition: to create or develop a plan or idea
  • I formulated a strategy.
  • The scientist formulated a theory.
  • She formulated a solution.
  • Foster
    Definition: to promote or encourage something
  • I fostered a positive environment.
  • The organization fostered innovation.
  • She fostered a sense of community.
  • Fulfill
    Definition: to satisfy or complete something
  • I fulfilled the order.
  • The company fulfilled the contract.
  • She fulfilled her potential.

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