Verb That Start With B

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Here are some verb base forms starting with B, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Bait
    Definition: to put food or a lure on a hook to catch fish
  • I baited the hook with a worm.
  • The fisherman baited the trap.
  • She baited the mouse trap with cheese.
  • Bake
    Definition: to cook food in an oven or on a hot surface
  • I baked a cake for the party.
  • The bread baked in the oven.
  • She baked the potatoes in the microwave.
  • Balance
    Definition: to keep something steady or upright
  • I balanced the book on my head.
  • The tightrope walker balanced on the wire.
  • She balanced the budget.
  • Band
    Definition: to join or tie something together
  • I banded the papers together.
  • The bandaged the wound.
  • They banded together to help.
  • Bank
    Definition: to incline or slope something
  • I banked the turn on my bike.
  • The pilot banked the plane.
  • The river banked sharply.
  • Bar
    Definition: to prevent or block something
  • I barred the door.
  • The lawyer barred the witness.
  • The rule barred him from playing.
  • Base
    Definition: to provide a foundation or support
  • I based the statue on a pedestal.
  • The company based its headquarters here.
  • She based her decision on facts.
  • Bat
    Definition: to hit or strike something
  • I batted the ball.
  • The bat flew through the air.
  • She batted her eyelashes.
  • Bath
    Definition: to wash or clean something
  • I bathed the baby.
  • She bathed in the tub.
  • They bathed the dog.
  • Bay
    Definition: to shout or proclaim something
  • I bayed at the moon.
  • The crowd bayed for blood.
  • She bayed with joy.
  • Beg
    Definition: to ask for something humbly
  • I begged for mercy.
  • The beggar begged for coins.
  • She begged to differ.
  • Bend
    Definition: to curve or flex something
  • I bent the wire.
  • The tree bent in the wind.
  • She bent to pick up the pen.
  • Bite
    Definition: to cut or grip something with teeth
  • I bit the apple.
  • The dog bit the mailman.
  • She bit her tongue.
  • Blame
    Definition: to accuse or criticize someone
  • I blamed him for the mistake.
  • The teacher blamed the student.
  • She blamed herself.
  • Bleach
    Definition: to whiten or remove color
  • I bleached the clothes.
  • The hairdresser bleached her hair.
  • They bleached the deck.
  • Blend
    Definition: to mix or combine something
  • I blended the smoothie.
  • The artist blended the colors.
  • She blended in with the crowd.
  • Bless
    Definition: to ask God to look favorably on something
  • I blessed the food.
  • The priest blessed the couple.
  • She blessed her luck.
  • Blind
    Definition: to make someone unable to see
  • I blinded him with the light.
  • The curtain blinded the window.
  • She blinded herself to the truth.
  • Block
    Definition: to obstruct or hinder something
  • I blocked the ball.
  • The building blocked the view.
  • She blocked the punch.
  • Blossom
    Definition: to produce flowers or develop something
  • The tree blossomed in spring.
  • The company blossomed into a success.
  • She blossomed into a beautiful woman.

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