Verb That Start With C

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Here are some verb base forms starting with C, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Calcuate
    Definition: to determine or compute something
  • I calculated the sum.
  • The computer calculated the result.
  • She calculated the risk.
  • Call
    Definition: to speak or utter a sound to summon someone
  • I called her name.
  • The phone called for attention.
  • He called the meeting.
  • Camp
    Definition: to live or stay in a tent or outdoor area
  • I camped in the mountains.
  • The scouts camped overnight.
  • They camped near the lake.
  • Cancel
    Definition: to officially stop or annul something
  • I canceled the appointment.
  • The concert was canceled.
  • She canceled her subscription.
  • Care
    Definition: to feel concern or interest in something
  • I care about the environment.
  • She cared for the patient.
  • They care deeply.
  • Carry
    Definition: to hold or support something while moving
  • I carried the bag.
  • The waiter carried the tray.
  • She carried the baby.
  • Catch
    Definition: to seize or take hold of something
  • I caught the ball.
  • The police caught the thief.
  • She caught the flu.
  • Cause
    Definition: to make something happen or exist
  • I caused the accident.
  • The rain caused the flood.
  • She caused a scene.
  • Challenge
    Definition: to question or dispute something
  • I challenged his statement.
  • The lawyer challenged the witness.
  • She challenged the rules.
  • Change
    Definition: to make something different or alter something
  • I changed my mind.
  • The weather changed suddenly.
  • She changed her hair.
  • Charge
    Definition: to accuse or blame someone
  • I charged him with the crime.
  • The police charged the suspect.
  • She charged her phone.
  • Chart
    Definition: to map or plan something
  • I charted the course.
  • The navigator charted the sea.
  • She charted her progress.
  • Check
    Definition: to examine or investigate something
  • I checked the facts.
  • The teacher checked the homework.
  • She checked her email.
  • Cheer
    Definition: to shout or utter a joyful sound
  • I cheered at the game.
  • The crowd cheered loudly.
  • She cheered him up.
  • Choose
    Definition: to select or pick something
  • I chose the book.
  • The jury chose the winner.
  • She chose her words.
  • Claim
    Definition: to assert or demand something
  • I claimed the prize.
  • The company claimed the patent.
  • She claimed her rights.
  • Class
    Definition: to group or categorize something
  • I classified the documents.
  • The teacher classified the students.
  • She classified the species.
  • Clean
    Definition: to remove dirt or impurities
  • I cleaned the room.
  • The maid cleaned the house.
  • She cleaned the wound.
  • Clear
    Definition: to make something easy to see or understand
  • I cleared the path.
  • The teacher cleared up the confusion.
  • She cleared her throat.

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