Verb That Start With D

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Here are some verb base forms starting with D, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Dance
    Definition: to move the body in a rhythmic way
  • I danced at the party.
  • The ballet dancer danced gracefully.
  • They danced the night away.
  • Date
    Definition: to mark or assign a date to something
  • I dated the letter.
  • The historian dated the artifact.
  • She dated him for a year.
  • Decide
    Definition: to make a choice or reach a conclusion
  • I decided to quit.
  • The jury decided the verdict.
  • She decided to stay.
  • Declare
    Definition: to officially announce or state something
  • I declared my independence.
  • The government declared war.
  • She declared her love.
  • Decorate
    Definition: to add ornaments or beauty to something
  • I decorated the room.
  • The designer decorated the cake.
  • They decorated the tree.
  • Delay
    Definition: to put off or postpone something
  • I delayed the meeting.
  • The storm delayed the flight.
  • She delayed her decision.
  • Deliver
    Definition: to take or bring something to someone
  • I delivered the package.
  • The mailman delivered the mail.
  • She delivered the baby.
  • Demand
    Definition: to ask for something firmly or urgently
  • I demanded an explanation.
  • The customer demanded a refund.
  • She demanded respect.
  • Deny
    Definition: to refuse to admit or acknowledge something
  • I denied the accusation.
  • The politician denied the allegations.
  • She denied herself pleasure.
  • Design
    Definition: to plan or create something
  • I designed the logo.
  • The architect designed the building.
  • She designed the dress.
  • Destroy
    Definition: to cause something to be completely ruined
  • I destroyed the evidence.
  • The fire destroyed the house.
  • She destroyed her reputation.
  • Develop
    Definition: to grow or cause something to grow
  • I developed the film.
  • The company developed the software.
  • She developed a new skill.
  • Dial
    Definition: to turn or adjust something
  • I dialed the phone.
  • The mechanic dialed the engine.
  • She dialed the radio.
  • Dictate
    Definition: to speak or utter words to be written down
  • I dictated the letter.
  • The boss dictated the memo.
  • She dictated her autobiography.
  • Discuss
    Definition: to talk or consider something with others
  • I discussed the issue.
  • The team discussed the plan.
  • They discussed the topic.
  • Dive
    Definition: to jump or fall into water
  • I dove into the pool.
  • The scuba diver dove deep.
  • She dove into the ocean.
  • Do
    Definition: to perform or accomplish something
  • I did the homework.
  • The chef did the cooking.
  • She did the laundry.
  • Donate
    Definition: to give something to a charity or cause
  • I donated the clothes.
  • The philanthropist donated the money.
  • She donated her time.
  • Draft
    Definition: to write or prepare a document
  • I drafted the proposal.
  • The writer drafted the article.
  • She drafted the contract.

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