Adverb That Start With K

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Here are some adverbs that start with the letter “K,” along with their meanings and example sentences:

  • Keenly – in a manner showing eagerness or enthusiasm.
  • She listened keenly to the speaker’s every word.
  • Kindly – in a gentle, considerate, or compassionate manner.
  • He smiled kindly at the lost child.
  • Kookily – in a manner that is eccentric or quirky.
  • The artist dressed kookily in mismatched clothes.
  • Knavishly – in a deceitful or dishonest manner.
  • He acted knavishly to cheat his way to the top.
  • Kinetically – in a manner related to motion or movement.
  • The dancers moved kinetically across the stage.
  • Knowledgeably – in a manner demonstrating a deep understanding or expertise.
  • She spoke knowledgeably about the subject.
  • Kingly – in a manner characteristic of a king; royally.
  • The king walked kingly through the palace halls.
  • Knockingly – in a manner involving or characterized by knocking.
  • The door creaked knockingly as it opened.
  • Kosherly – in a manner that is proper, legitimate, or genuine.
    • The transaction was conducted kosherly, following all regulations.
  • Kindheartedly – in a manner that is generous and compassionate.
    • She helped the homeless man kindheartedly.
  • Kissably – in a manner inviting or suitable for kissing.
    • Her lips were painted kissably red.
  • Knottily – in a manner that is complicated or difficult to understand.
    • The problem was knottily complex.
  • Kiddingly – in a playful or joking manner.
    • He kiddingly told his friend to stop being so serious.
  • Knockingly – in a manner that involves or produces knocking sounds.
    • The door swung open knockingly in the wind.
  • Kittenishly – in a playful or flirtatious manner.
    • She smiled kittenishly at him across the table.
  • Knowingly – in a way that shows you are aware of something.
  • He smiled knowingly, understanding the hidden message in her words.
  • Knock-kneed – in a manner where the knees knock together.
  • He walked knock-kneed after the long hike.
  • Kinkily – in a manner that is unusual or strange.
  • Her hair curled kinkily in the humid weather.
  • Knightly – in a manner befitting a knight; chivalrously.
  • He acted knightly, defending those who could not defend themselves.
  • Karmically – in a manner relating to karma.
  • He believed that his good deeds would karmically come back to him.

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