Verb That Start With A

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Here are some verbs starting with the letter A, along with their definitions and examples:

  1. Abate – to reduce or lessen something
    Example: “The storm began to abate, and the sun came out.”
  2. Abandon – to leave or give up something or someone
    Example: “She abandoned her car and walked home.”
  3. Abduct – to take someone away by force or deceit
    Example: “The child was abducted from the park.”
  4. Abhor – to strongly dislike or detest something
    Example: “I abhor violence and hate.”
  5. Abide – to accept or tolerate something
    Example: “She abided by the rules.”
  6. Abolish – to officially end or get rid of something
    Example: “The government abolished the tax.”
  7. Abscond – to secretly leave or hide
    Example: “He absconded with the money.”
  8. Absorb – to take in or soak up something
    Example: “The sponge absorbed the water.”
  9. Abstain – to choose not to do something
    Example: “I abstained from voting.”
  10. Abundate – to give or supply something in large amounts
    Example: “The garden abundated with fresh vegetables.”
  11. Abuse – to use or treat something wrongly or badly
    Example: “He abused his power and was fired.”
  12. Accelerate – to make something go faster
    Example: “She accelerated the car.”
  13. Accept – to receive or agree to something
    Example: “I accept your invitation.”
  14. Accommodate – to provide something or make room for someone
    Example: “The hotel accommodated our special request.”
  15. Accuse – to say someone has done something wrong
    Example: “He accused her of lying.”
  16. Achieve – to successfully complete or accomplish something
    Example: “She achieved her goal.”
  17. Acquire – to get or obtain something
    Example: “He acquired a new skill.”
  18. Act – to do something or perform
    Example: “She acted in the play.”
  19. Activate – to make something start working or functioning
    Example: “I activated the alarm.”
  20. Adapt – to change or adjust something to fit a new situation
    Example: “She adapted the recipe to suit her diet.”

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