Verb That Start With E

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Here are some verb base forms starting with E, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Eat
    Definition: to take food into the body
  • I eat breakfast every day.
  • The child eats a sandwich.
  • They eat dinner together.
  • Edit
    Definition: to prepare or revise written material
  • I edited the article.
  • The editor edited the manuscript.
  • She edited the video.
  • Educate
    Definition: to teach or train someone
  • I educated the student.
  • The teacher educated the class.
  • They educated themselves.
  • Employ
    Definition: to give someone a job or work
  • I employed him as an assistant.
  • The company employed many workers.
  • She employed her skills.
  • Enable
    Definition: to make something possible or easier
  • I enabled the feature.
  • The technology enabled communication.
  • She enabled him to succeed.
  • Encourage
    Definition: to support or confidence someone
  • I encouraged him to try.
  • The coach encouraged the team.
  • She encouraged her friend.
  • End
    Definition: to finish or conclude something
  • I ended the meeting.
  • The movie ended too soon.
  • She ended the relationship.
  • Enjoy
    Definition: to take pleasure or delight in something
  • I enjoyed the party.
  • The children enjoyed the game.
  • She enjoyed the book.
  • Enter
    Definition: to go or come into something
  • I entered the room.
  • The contestant entered the competition.
  • They entered the data.
  • Enthus
    Definition: to show or feel great excitement
  • I enthused about the idea.
  • The crowd enthused over the performance.
  • She enthused about her hobby.
  • Escape
    Definition: to get away or free from something
  • I escaped the danger.
  • The prisoner escaped from jail.
  • She escaped the stress.
  • Estimate
    Definition: to calculate or guess the value or size
  • I estimated the cost.
  • The expert estimated the time.
  • She estimated the distance.
  • Exercise
    Definition: to use or develop physical or mental strength
  • I exercised every day.
  • The athlete exercised regularly.
  • She exercised her rights.
  • Expect
    Definition: to believe or hope something will happen
  • I expected the news.
  • The team expected to win.
  • She expected a promotion.
  • Explore
    Definition: to investigate or examine something
  • I explored the city.
  • The scientist explored the phenomenon.
  • They explored the idea.
  • Express
    Definition: to show or state something clearly
  • I expressed my opinion.
  • The artist expressed herself.
  • He expressed his gratitude.
  • Extend
    Definition: to make something longer or wider
  • I extended the deadline.
  • The company extended the offer.
  • She extended her hand.

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