Verb That Start With S

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Here are some verb base forms starting with S, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Sail
    Definition: to travel on water in a boat
  • I sailed the yacht.
  • She sailed the Caribbean.
  • They sailed around the world.
  • Satisfy
    Definition: to meet or fulfill a need or desire
  • I satisfied the requirement.
  • She satisfied the customer.
  • They satisfied the hunger.
  • Save
    Definition: to keep or rescue something from harm
  • I saved the file.
  • She saved the child.
  • They saved the environment.
  • Say
    Definition: to speak or utter words
  • I said the words.
  • She said the truth.
  • They said the prayer.
  • Scan
    Definition: to examine or look at something closely
  • I scanned the document.
  • She scanned the horizon.
  • They scanned the crowd.
  • Schedule
    Definition: to plan or arrange a time for something
  • I scheduled the meeting.
  • She scheduled the appointment.
  • They scheduled the flight.
  • Search
    Definition: to look for something carefully and thoroughly
  • I searched the room.
  • She searched the internet.
  • They searched the database.
  • Secure
    Definition: to make something safe or protected
  • I secured the door.
  • She secured the deal.
  • They secured the investment.
  • See
    Definition: to perceive or notice something with your eyes
  • I saw the movie.
  • She saw the beauty.
  • They saw the warning signs.
  • Seek
    Definition: to look for or try to find something
  • I sought the truth.
  • She sought the advice.
  • They sought the treasure.
  • Sell
    Definition: to give or transfer something in exchange for money
  • I sold the car.
  • She sold the house.
  • They sold the product.
  • Send
    Definition: to cause something to go or be taken to a place
  • I sent the letter.
  • She sent the package.
  • They sent the troops.
  • Separate
    Definition: to keep or make something apart
  • I separated the files.
  • She separated the ingredients.
  • They separated the twins.
  • Serve
    Definition: to provide or offer something, especially food or drink
  • I served the meal.
  • She served the customers.
  • They served the community.
  • Set
    Definition: to put something in a particular position or location
  • I set the alarm.
  • She set the table.
  • They set the goal.
  • Settle
    Definition: to make something stable or secure
  • I settled the dispute.
  • She settled the debt.
  • They settled the territory.
  • Shake
    Definition: to move or cause something to move with a quick, forceful motion
  • I shook the hand.
  • She shook the tree.
  • They shook the building.
  • Share
    Definition: to give or receive a part of something
  • I shared the toy.
  • She shared the secret.
  • They shared the wealth.

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