Verb That Start With T

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Here are verb base forms starting with T, along with their definitions and examples for each verb:

  • Take
    Definition: to grasp or hold something
  • I took the book.
  • She took the photo.
  • They took the prize.
  • Talk
    Definition: to communicate or converse with someone
  • I talked to my friend.
  • She talked to the manager.
  • They talked about the issue.
  • Task
    Definition: to assign or give someone a job to do
  • I tasked the team.
  • She tasked the assistant.
  • They tasked the computer.
  • Taste
    Definition: to experience the flavor of something
  • I tasted the food.
  • She tasted the wine.
  • They tasted the dessert.
  • Teach
    Definition: to show or explain something to someone
  • I taught the lesson.
  • She taught the class.
  • They taught the skill.
  • Tell
    Definition: to communicate or convey information
  • I told the truth.
  • She told the story.
  • They told the joke.
  • Test
    Definition: to evaluate or try something
  • I tested the product.
  • She tested the theory.
  • They tested the system.
  • Thank
    Definition: to express gratitude or appreciation
  • I thanked the host.
  • She thanked the gift.
  • They thanked the opportunity.
  • Think
    Definition: to consider or reflect on something
  • I thought about it.
  • She thought deeply.
  • They thought creatively.
  • Throw
    Definition: to propel or hurl something
  • I threw the ball.
  • She threw the party.
  • They threw the punch.
  • Tie
    Definition: to connect or fasten something
  • I tied the shoelaces.
  • She tied the ribbon.
  • They tied the knot.
  • Travel
    Definition: to move or journey from one place to another
  • I traveled the world.
  • She traveled alone.
  • They traveled by car.
  • Trust
    Definition: to believe or have confidence in someone
  • I trusted the friend.
  • She trusted the doctor.
  • They trusted the brand.
  • Try
    Definition: to make an effort or attempt something
  • I tried the food.
  • She tried the sport.
  • They tried the solution.
  • Turn
    Definition: to change direction or move in a different way
  • I turned the page.
  • She turned the corner.
  • They turned the key.
  • Type
    Definition: to write or input something using a keyboard
  • I typed the letter.
  • She typed the report.
  • They typed the code.

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