Forms of Verb in English / Regular forms of verb English
Forms of Verb in English / Regular forms of verb English

In English there are three Principal Forms of a verb:
  • The Present Tense
  • The Past Tense 
  • The Past Participle
Any verb that form its Past and Past Participle by adding ed (or d) to the Present is called an regular verb. 
The Present, Past, and Past Participle are also called the First, the Second, and the Third Form of a verb.
Below is given a list of verbs in the three forms of the tense.

Form 1st Form 2nd Form 3rd
Present Past Past Participle
ask asked asked
add added added
agree agreed agreed
attend attended attended
attack attacked attacked
arrive arrived arrived
bake baked baked
bark barked barked
behave behaved behaved
believe believed believed
breathe breathed breathed
load loaded loaded
blush blushed blushed
bless blessed blessed
call called called
Care cared cared
Carry carried carried
carve carved carved
cry cried cried
cheat cheated cheated
check checked checked
climb climbed climbed
command Commanded Commanded
conquer conquered conquered
control controlled controlled
copy copied copied
die died died
declare declared declared
defeat defeated defeated
defend defended defended
depute deputed deputed
detect detected detected
desire desired desired
dine dined dined
discover discovered discovered
drop dropped dropped
dry dried dried
earn earned earned
escape escaped escaped
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed
envelop enveloped enveloped
envy envied envied
establish established established
exchange exchanged exchanged
inquire inquired inquired
invite invited invited
jerk jerked jerked
judge judged judged
kill killed killed
kindle kindled kindled
kick kicked kicked
knock knocked knocked
knot knotted knotted
land landed landed
laugh laughed laughed
leap leapt leapt
like liked liked
lock locked locked
liberate liberated liberated
load loaded loaded
manage managed managed
mar marred marred
mark marked marked
mould moulded moulded
name named named
note noted noted
nurse nursed nursed
object objected objected
oblige obliged obliged
obtain obtained obtained
occupy occupied occupied
offer offered offered
omit omitted omitted
oppose opposed opposed
organise organised organised
Owe owed owed
pack packed packed
paint painted painted
paste pasted pasted
pay paid paid
perish perished perished
permit permitted permitted
phone phoned phoned
plan planned planned
post posted posted
pray prayed prayed
prepare prepared prepared
press Pressed Pressed
prey preyed preyed
protest protested protested
prove proved proved
publish published published
punish punished punished
push pushed pushed
quarrel quarrelled quarrelled
quit quitted quitted
rate rated rated
recover recovered recovered
reduce reduced reduced
refuse refused refused
refute refuted refuted
release released released
relate related related
represent represented represented
respect respected respected
sail sailed sailed
save saved saved
solve solved solved
serve served served
spray sprayed sprayed
spy spied spied
stay stayed stayed
step stepped stepped
succeed succeeded succeeded
study studied studied
switch switched switched
taste tasted tasted
toil toiled toiled
touch touched touched
train trained trained
trouble troubled troubled
turn turned turned
use used used
value valued valued
visit visited visited
volunteer volunteered volunteered
wait waited waited
warn warned warned
wander wandered wandered
wonder wondered wondered
wash washed washed
water watered watered
wave waved waved
weigh weighed weighed
wish wished wished
worship worshipped worshipped
wrong wronged wronged
wreck wrecked wrecked
wrestle wrestled wrestled
yield yielded yielded
zoom zoomed zoomed