Vocabulary About Death

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Here are some words related to death:

  1. Deceased: dead; no longer alive
  2. Departed: having died or left
  3. Demise: the act or fact of dying
  4. Passed away: died
  5. Passed on: died
  6. Gone: no longer alive
  7. Late: deceased; no longer alive
  8. Lifeless: without life
  9. Mortal: subject to death
  10. Fatality: a death
  11. Casualty: a person killed or injured
  12. Obits: obituaries; death notices
  13. Eulogy: a speech praising a deceased person
  14. Funeral: a ceremony for a deceased person
  15. Mourning: feeling or showing sadness for a deceased person
  16. Bereavement: the state of being bereaved; losing a loved one
  17. Grief: intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death
  18. Lament: expressing deep sorrow or regret
  19. Memorial: a reminder or tribute to a deceased person
  20. Necrology: a list of people who have died

Some idiomatic expressions related to death include:

  1. “Kick the bucket”
  2. “Meet one’s maker”
  3. “Pass on to the great beyond”
  4. “RIP” (Rest in Peace)
  5. “Six feet under”
  6. “Sleep with the fishes”
  7. “Bite the dust”
  8. “Push up daisies”
  9. “Cross over to the other side”
  10. “Go to the great beyond”

Remember, death is a natural part of life, and understanding the vocabulary related to it can help us express our feelings and thoughts about this complex and universal experience.
Here are some additional words related to death:

  1. Cadaver: a dead body
  2. Corpse: a dead body
  3. Remains: the body of a dead person
  4. Ashes: the remains of a dead person after cremation
  5. Casket: a container for a dead body
  6. Coffin: a container for a dead body
  7. Hearse: a vehicle for transporting a dead body
  8. Mourner: a person who is grieving or attending a funeral
  9. Pallbearer: a person who helps carry a casket or coffin
  10. Undertaker: a person who prepares dead bodies for burial or cremation
  11. Autopsy: an examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death
  12. Cemetery: a place where dead bodies are buried
  13. Grave: a hole or space in the ground for a dead body
  14. Headstone: a marker or monument at the head of a grave
  15. Tombstone: a marker or monument at a grave
  16. Epitaph: a phrase or statement inscribed on a tombstone
  17. Obituary: a notice or announcement of a person’s death
  18. In Memoriam: a phrase used to commemorate a deceased person
  19. Requiem: a Mass or service for the dead
  20. Eulogist: a person who delivers a eulogy

Some additional idiomatic expressions related to death include:

  1. “At death’s door”
  2. “Breathe one’s last”
  3. “Circling the drain”
  4. “Dead and gone”
  5. “Dead as a doornail”
  6. “Dead to the world”
  7. “Die a natural death”
  8. “Die in one’s sleep”
  9. “Die with one’s boots on”
  10. “Give up the ghost”

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