Vocabulary about hair


Here are some vocabulary words related to hair:

Hair Strand:
A single piece or thread of hair.
Hair Follicle: 
The tiny sac in the skin where each hair grows.
Hair Cuticle: 
The outermost layer of the hair shaft that protects it.
Hair Shaft: 
The visible part of the hair that extends above the skin.
Hair Root: 
The part of the hair located beneath the skin’s surface.
The skin on the head where the hair grows.
The edge of the hair on the forehead or nape of the neck.
Hair Part: 
The line dividing the hair into different sections.
Hair Texture: 
The feel or appearance of the hair, such as curly, straight, or wavy.
Hair Thickness: 
The diameter or width of an individual hair strand.
Hair Volume: 
The amount of hair present, giving the appearance of fullness.
Shiny hair: 
The reflection of light on the hair, indicating its luster.
Glossy hair: 
Having a smooth and shiny appearance.
Frizzy hair: 
Unruly, curly hair that appears frizzy or flyaway.
Split ends: 
The splitting of the hair shaft due to damage or dryness.
Layer cuts:
Different lengths of hair cut to create dimension and movement.
The shorter strands of hair that hang over the forehead.
Hair gathered and secured at the back or top of the head.
Hair twisted or wound into a rounded shape and secured.
Three or more strands of hair woven together.
Spiral or wavy formations in the hair.
The process of making curly or wavy hair appear straight.
A chemical treatment that adds curls or waves to the hair.
Hair Dye: 
The process of coloring the hair using a dye or hair colorant.
Gray hair: 
Hair that has lost its pigment and appears white or gray.
A hair coloring technique where the hair gradually transitions from one color to another.
Hair Highlighting:
Lighter strands of hair that are added to create contrast and dimension.
Hair Lowlighting: 
Darker strands of hair that are added to create depth and contrast.
A hair coloring technique where color is hand-painted onto the hair for a natural, sun-kissed look.
A natural dye derived from the henna plant used to color hair.
A head covering made from human or synthetic hair to simulate natural hair.
Hair Weave: A hairstyle created by sewing or gluing extensions into natural hair.
Artificial or natural hair strands added to enhance length or thickness.
A hairstyle characterized by short hair at the front and sides and long hair at the back.
A hairstyle where the sides of the head are shaved or very short, and a strip of longer hair is left in the center.
A hairstyling product used to add shine and hold to the hair.
A styling product used to create a firm hold and control frizz.
A lightweight foam product used to add volume and hold to the hair.
Dry shampoo: 
A powdered or aerosol product used to absorb excess oil in the hair between washes.
Hair spray: 
A product used to hold the hair in place and maintain a hairstyle.
Heat protectant: 
A product applied to the hair before using heat styling tools to protect it from damage.
A product used to ease the combing or brushing of tangled hair.
Hair mask: 
A deep conditioning treatment applied to the hair to improve its condition and moisture.
Thinning shears: 
Scissors with teeth-like blades used to remove bulk from the hair.
Barber: A professional who cuts and styles hair, typically specializing in men’s haircuts.

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