Synonyms list/ synonyms words start with alphabet Y and Z


 Here’s a list of words that start with the letter “Y” along with their synonyms:

1. Yield – Synonyms: produce, generate, provide, bear, give

2. Yearn – Synonyms: long, desire, crave, pine, hanker

3. Yell – Synonyms: shout, scream, holler, bellow, roar

4. Yes – Synonyms: affirmative, agreed, certainly, indeed, absolutely

5. Yacht – Synonyms: boat, vessel, ship, sailboat, cruiser

6. Yawn – Synonyms: gape, open wide, oscitate, inhale deeply

7. Yesterday – Synonyms: past, previous day, prior day, last day, bygone day

8. Yielding – Synonyms: submissive, compliant, acquiescent, docile, pliant

9. Yummy – Synonyms: delicious, tasty, delectable, mouthwatering, savory

10. Yearly – Synonyms: annual, once a year, yearly basis, per annum, every year

11. Young – Synonyms: youthful, juvenile, adolescent, fresh, inexperienced

12. Yellow – Synonyms: golden, amber, saffron, lemon, canary

13. Yard – Synonyms: courtyard, enclosure, garden, plot, grounds

24. Yearning – Synonyms: longing, craving, desire, passion, ache

15. Yoke – Synonyms: harness, bondage, restraint, shackle, constraint

16. Yarn – Synonyms: thread, fiber, string, wool, twine

17. Yonder – Synonyms: over there, in the distance, afar, remote, beyond

18. Yet – Synonyms: still, nevertheless, nonetheless, notwithstanding, however

19. Yank – Synonyms: pull, tug, jerk, haul, drag

20. Youthful – Synonyms: young, juvenile, fresh, youthful-looking, vibrant

21. Yore:- Synonyms: Past, Bygone, Former times, Ancient , Long ago

22. Youth:- Synonyms: Adolescence, Teenager, Youngster, Juvenile, Young person

23. Yen:- Synonyms: Craving, Desire, Longing, Urge, Appetite

Here’s a list of words that start with the letter “Z” along with their synonyms:

1. Zeal –  Synonyms: Enthusiasm, passion, fervor, ardor

2. Zest – Synonyms:  Gusto, energy, liveliness,     


3. Zenith –  Synonyms: Apex, pinnacle, acme, summit

4. Zealous – Synonyms:  Eager, fervent, passionate, enthusiastic

5. Zigzag – Synonyms:  Crisscross, meander, twist, wind

6. Zany – Synonyms:  Wacky, eccentric, comical, funny

7. Zephyr – Synonyms:  Breeze, gust, wind, air

8. Zestful – Synonyms:  Energetic, lively, vibrant, animated

9. Zestfully – Synonyms:  Enthusiastically, energetically, actively

10. Zombie – Synonyms:  Undead, living dead, ghoul

11. Zebra –  Synonyms: Equine, wild horse, black-and-white horse

12. Zero –  Synonyms: Nil, nothing, naught, nought

13. Zodiac –  Synonyms: Horoscope, astrological chart, star sign

14. Zoonotic – Synonyms:  Transmissible, infectious, contagion, zoonoses

15. Zoom – Synonyms:  Rapid movement, speed, rush, dash

16. Zeitgeist – Synonyms:  Spirit of the times, prevailing mood, trend

17. Zucchini –  Synonyms: Courgette, summer squash, vegetable marrow

18. Zestily – Synonyms:  Lively, energetically, zestfully, vivaciously

19. Zestiness –  Synonyms: Excitement, liveliness, enthusiasm, vitality

20. Zing –  Synonyms: Energy, liveliness, sparkle, vibrancy

21. Zeitgeist:- Synonyms: Spirit of the age, Mood of the era, Cultural climate, Trend of the time, Dominant thought

22. Zoophobia:- Synonyms: Animal phobia Fear of animals, Animal anxiety, Zoological terror, Beast dread

23. Zoology:- Synonyms: Animal biology, Fauna science, Animal study, Animal research, Zoological science

24. Zoologist:- Synonyms: Animal scientist, Animal biologist،Wildlife researcher, Animal expert, Zoological specialist

25. Zealot:- Synonyms: Fanatic Devotee, Extremist,Radical,Enthusiast

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