Phrasal Verb With “Keep”:

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Here are some common phrasal verbs using the word “keep”:

  1. Keep up: to maintain a pace or standard
    Example: “I’m trying to keep up with the latest trends.”
  2. Keep on: to continue doing something
    Example: “Keep on working, you’re almost done.”
  3. Keep away: to maintain distance or prevent proximity
    Example: “Keep away from the danger zone.”
  4. Keep in: to retain or confine something
    Example: “Keep your thoughts to yourself.”
  5. Keep out: to exclude or prevent entry
    Example: “Keep out of the restricted area.”
  6. Keep up with: to stay informed or current
    Example: “I try to keep up with the news.”
  7. Keep to: to adhere to a schedule or plan
    Example: “Keep to the timeline, we can’t delay.”
  8. Keep from: to prevent or restrain
    Example: “Keep your brother from bothering me.”
  9. Keep at: to persist or continue working
    Example: “Keep at it, you’re making progress.”
  10. Keep back: to restrain or hold back
    Example: “Keep your emotions back, it’s a sensitive topic.”

Remember, phrasal verbs can be idiomatic and context-dependent, so it’s essential to learn their meanings and usage in different situations.

Here are the 20 additional phrasal verbs using the word “keep” with examples:

  1. Keep alive: to maintain something (e.g., a tradition)
    Example: “The community keeps the cultural heritage alive through annual festivals.”
  2. Keep at bay: to maintain a safe distance
    Example: “The hikers kept the bear at bay by making loud noises.”
  3. Keep back: to restrain or hold back
    Example: “She kept her emotions back during the difficult conversation.”
  4. Keep down: to suppress or control
    Example: “He took medication to keep his blood pressure down.”
  5. Keep fit: to maintain physical health
    Example: “Regular exercise helps keep me fit and energized.”
  6. Keep from falling: to prevent something from falling
    Example: “The safety net kept the worker from falling off the scaffold.”
  7. Keep in check: to control or restrain
    Example: “The coach kept the team’s enthusiasm in check during the tense game.”
  8. Keep in mind: to remember or consider
    Example: “Keep in mind that the deadline is approaching quickly.”
  9. Keep in order: to maintain organization
    Example: “She kept her desk in order by filing papers regularly.”
  10. Keep in touch: to maintain communication
    Example: “We keep in touch with friends through social media.”
  11. Keep off: to stay away from
    Example: “Keep off the grass to preserve the lawn.”
  12. Keep on file: to store documents or records
    Example: “The company keeps employee records on file for reference.”
  13. Keep open: to maintain accessibility
    Example: “The library keeps its doors open late for students.”
  14. Keep pace: to maintain a speed or rate
    Example: “The runner kept pace with the leader during the marathon.”
  15. Keep quiet: to remain silent
    Example: “Keep quiet during the library study hours.”
  16. Keep safe: to protect or secure
    Example: “The safe kept the valuable jewelry secure.”
  17. Keep secret: to maintain confidentiality
    Example: “She kept the surprise party a secret until the big reveal.”
  18. Keep straight: to maintain a straight line or direction
    Example: “The driver kept the car straight on the highway.”
  19. Keep tabs on: to monitor or track
    Example: “The manager kept tabs on the project’s progress.”
  20. Keep to oneself: to maintain privacy
    Example: “She kept her personal life to herself and didn’t share with colleagues.”

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