Other ways to say I am tired in English/ Advanced English language learning

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What comes to mind when you hear the word “tired”? Do you envision moral, mental, or physical fatigue? After a long day at work or while watching a long show in the audience, you can use the adjective “tired.” It is a word with a wide variety of meanings, to briefly describe it. We can also express our level of fatigue in many different figurative ways.

If you want to speak basic English, you don’t need to know many expressions, but it’s beneficial to know multiple ways to state things if you want to speak advanced or fluent English.

Understanding various expressions not only improves our ability to communicate with others but also makes our language more interesting. Advanced or native English speakers may employ a wide range of idioms and expressions. It will be challenging to converse with that person if we are unfamiliar with many expressions.

Let’s look at a few different English expressions for tiredness and fatigue. Here are a few other ways to say “I’m tired” in English.

  1. I’m dead tired
  2. I’m worn out
  3. I am drained
  4. I’m beat
  5. I’m weary
  6. I’m exhausted
  7. I’m burnt out
  8. I’m fatigued
  9. I’m bushed
  10. I’m done
  11. I’m sleepy
  12. I’m spent
  13. I’m flat out tired
  14. I’m running on fumes
  15. I’m dog tired
  16. I’m tired to the bone
  17. I’m knackered
  18. I’m pooped
  19. I’m dead on my feet
  20. I’m dragging
  21. I’m running on empty
  22. I’m tired out
  23. I’m gonna hit the sack
  24. I’m wiped
  25. I’m drowsy
  26. I’m whacked
  27. I’m running on empty
  28. I’m stuffed.
  29. I’m bunched
  30. I’m shattered
  31. I’m wrecked
  32. I’m zonked
  33. I’m shagged
  34. I’m on my last leg
  35. I’m all in
  36. I’m at the end of my rope
  37. I’m off to bed
  38. I’m dead to the world
  39. I can hardly keep my eyes open
  40. I’m fried
  41. I’m dead beat
  42. I’m washed out

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