Modest meaning/ synonym and antonym/ sentences with modest

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Modest refers to something or someone that is:

  1. Humble: Having a lowly opinion of oneself and one’s accomplishments.
  2. Unpretentious: Not showy or flashy; simple and unassuming.
  3. Moderate: Not excessive or extreme; reasonable and restrained.
  4. Bashful: Shy or diffident; hesitant to draw attention to oneself.
  5. Unassuming: Not pretending to be something one is not; genuine and sincere.

In general, modesty implies a lack of arrogance, boastfulness, or pretension.

A modest person is often willing to listen, learn, and acknowledge the accomplishments of others.

For example:

  • “She’s a modest person who never seeks to draw attention to herself.” (humble)
  • “The modest decor of the restaurant was a nice surprise.” (unpretentious)
  • “He’s a modest runner who only aims to finish the race.” (moderate)
  • “The modest artist refused to talk about her work.” (bashful)
  • “The company’s modest beginnings belied its future success.” (unassuming)

Overall, modesty is a positive trait that involves being humble, unpretentious, and genuine.

Synonyms for modest:

  1. Humble
  2. Unassuming
  3. Unpretentious
  4. Lowly
  5. Reserved
  6. Bashful
  7. Shy
  8. Simple
  9. Understated
  10. Demure

Antonyms for modest:

  1. Arrogant
  2. Pretentious
  3. Boastful
  4. Conceited
  5. Haughty
  6. Prideful
  7. Showy
  8. Flashy
  9. Ostentatious
  10. Immodest some of these antonyms may have varying degrees of opposition to modesty, and some may imply different connotations or nuances.

For example, “arrogant” implies a strong sense of superiority, while “pretentious” implies a false or exaggerated claim to something.

Sentences with modest:

Here are some sentences using the word “modest”:

  1. She has a modest income, but she’s very resourceful with her finances.
  2. The company started with modest beginnings, but now it’s a global success.
  3. He’s a modest person who never likes to talk about his achievements.
  4. The modest decor of the restaurant was a nice surprise, it was very understated.
  5. She has a modest dream of opening her own small business one day.
  6. The team achieved a modest victory, but it was still a great accomplishment.
  7. He’s a modest artist who doesn’t like to show off his work.
  8. The modest home was cozy and welcoming, despite its small size.
  9. She has a modest sense of style, preferring simple and classic designs.
  10. The company made a modest profit, but it was still a significant improvement.

Here are some sentences using the word “modest” to describe someone’s behavior or attitude:

  1. She’s very modest about her accomplishments, she never likes to brag.
  2. He’s a modest person who always gives credit to his team.
  3. She’s modest about her abilities, but she’s actually very talented.
  4. He’s too modest to talk about his own successes.
  5. She’s modest and unassuming, but she has a hidden talent for singing.

In these sentences, “modest” is used to describe someone who is humble, unpretentious, and unassuming, and who may even downplay their own achievements or abilities.

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