FOOD IDIOMS and Phrases with Meanings


FOOD IDIOMS and Phrases with Meanings

In a pickle

Meaning: Someone in a difficult situation

Best thing since sliced bread

Meaning: The best thing since a particular time 

A piece of cake

Meaning: something that is easy to do.

That’s the icing on the cake

Meaning: that makes it even better or this means the conclusion or last step in something, giving it the touch up.

Fit for a king! 

Meaning: is used to say that the subject is something special.

Easy as pie

Meaning: Something that is easy to do.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too

Meaning: You can’t have both things that you want, you must choose one or the other.

I’m stuffed!

Meaning: I’ve eaten too much!

You are what you eat.

Meaning: The kind of food you eat affects your health and appearance.

Finger-licking good

Meaning: Something tastes so good that you want to lick your fingers. 

As cool as a cucumber

Meaning:  Someone who is very cool headed and doesn’t get worried.

• Egg on

 Meaning: To encourage someone.

To sell like hot cakes

Meaning: To refer to an object or commodity is bought by many people.

To spill the beans

Meaning: To reveal a secret to someone who is not supposed to know.

Not my cup of tea

Meaning: To indicate something you either don’t like much or can’t do.

Apple of my eye

Meaning: an adored person

Bad egg 

Meaning: a troublesome person

Basket case 

Meaning:   erratic or panicky

Be nuts 

Meaning:   about really enjoy

Beet red 

Meaning: embarrassed or angry

Big cheese 

Meaning: an important person

Bitter pill 

Meaning: something unpleasant that must be accepted

Born with a silver spoon 

Meaning:  a rich family

Bread and butter 

Meaning: necessities or main points

Bring home the bacon 

Meaning:  earn money

Butter someone up 

Meaning: be really nice to someone

Cheap as chips  

Meaning: very inexpensive

Cook the books 

Meaning: dishonest accounting

Couch potato 

Meaning: lazy person

Cream of the crop 

Meaning: the best

Cry over spilled milk

Meaning:  get upset over something insignificant

Cup of joe  

Meaning: cup of coffee

Cut the cheese 

Meaning: To fart

Cut the mustard 

Meaning:  meet expectations

Egg someone on

Meaning:  to urge or provoke someone

Freeze your buns off 

Meaning:  be very cold

Full of beans 

Meaning: energetic

Gravy train 

Meaning:  pay for minimal work

Hard nut to crack 

Meaning: difficult to understand or persuade

Have a bun in the oven 

Meaning: be pregnant

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