Broad meaning/ synonym and antonym/ sentences with broad

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“Broad” can have several meanings depending on the context:

  1. Wide or extensive in scope, range, or area: “The company has a broad product line.”
  2. Not limited or narrow: “She has a broad perspective on life.”
  3. Covering a large area or distance: “The broad landscape stretched out before us.”
  4. Not precise or specific: “The term ‘culture’ is quite broad.”
  5. Open-minded and accepting: “He’s very broad-minded and tolerant of others.”
  6. Strong and sturdy: “The broad shoulders of the athlete.”

In general, “broad” suggests something that is expansive, inclusive, or extensive, rather than narrow or limited.


Here are the synonym for “broad”:

  • Wide
  • Extensive
  • Comprehensive
  • Expansive
  • Vast
  • Large
  • Sweeping
  • All-encompassing
  • Inclusive


Here are the antonym for “broad”:

  • Narrow
  • Limited
  • Restricted
  • Confined
  • Small
  • Precise
  • Specific
  • Exclusive

For example, “precise” is an antonym of “broad” in the sense of being specific and detailed, while “narrow” is an antonym in the sense of being limited or restricted.

Sentences with broad:

Here are some example sentences with the word “broad”:

  1. “The company has a broad range of products to suit different customer needs.”
  2. “She has a broad smile on her face, showing her happiness and enthusiasm.”
  3. “The broad landscape of the countryside stretched out before us as we drove.”
  4. “He has a broad knowledge of history, from ancient civilizations to modern times.”
  5. “The new policy aims to provide broad coverage for all employees, regardless of position.”
  6. “The broad brush strokes of the painter’s artwork created a vibrant and dynamic effect.”
  7. “The broad shoulders of the athlete allowed him to lift heavy weights with ease.”
  8. “The broad appeal of the movie made it a box office hit, attracting a wide audience.”
  9. “The broad definition of the term ‘art’ encompasses various forms of creative expression.”
  10. “The broad scope of the project requires a team with diverse skills and expertise.”

These sentences demonstrate how “broad” can be used in various contexts to describe something that is wide, extensive, or inclusive, whether it’s a product range, a smile, a landscape, knowledge, coverage, brush strokes, shoulders, appeal, definition, or scope.

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