Behind meaning/ synonym and antonym/ sentences with behind

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The word “behind” can have several meanings depending on the context:

  1. Physical location: “Behind” can refer to a position at the rear or back of som ething, such as “The car was behind the truck.”
  2. Support or backing: “Behind” can also mean to support or be in favor of something, like “I’m behind your decision to pursue your dreams.”
  3. Delay or lateness: “Behind” can indicate being late or delayed, as in “I’m running behind schedule.”
  4. Hidden or concealed: “Behind” can mean something is hidden or concealed, like “The secret door was behind the painting.”
  5. In the past: “Behind” can also refer to something that has already happened or been done, such as “I’ve left my worries behind.”


Here are some synonyms for the word “behind”:

  1. Rear
  2. Back
  3. After
  4. Later
  5. Following
  6. Trailing
  7. In back of
  8. At the back of
  9. In the rear of
  10. Posterior


Here are some antonyms for the word “behind”:

  1. Ahead
  2. Front
  3. Forward
  4. Before
  5. Earlier
  6. Leading
  7. In front of
  8. At the front of
  9. In the forefront of
  10. Anterior

Note that some of these antonyms may depend on the specific context in which “behind” is being used.


Here are some example sentences using the word “behind”:

  1. The car drove behind the truck on the highway.
  2. She stood behind him, supporting his decision.
  3. We’re running behind schedule, so let’s hurry up!
  4. The secret door was hidden behind the painting.
  5. I left my worries behind and started fresh.
  6. The team rallied behind their injured captain.
  7. The hotel room had a beautiful view behind the balcony.
  8. She walked behind him, admiring his confident stride.
  9. The company is behind the new development project.
  10. Don’t leave your belongings behind, take them with you!

Here are some more sentences:

  1. The police car pulled over the speeding driver behind them.
  2. The teacher stood behind the student, guiding their work.
  3. We’re falling behind in the competition, we need to catch up!
  4. The beautiful garden was hidden behind the old wall.
  5. He left his past behind and started a new life.

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